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Dabbing Bangers & Nails

Dabbing Bangers & Nails

Invest in durable, heat resistant and supreme quality dabbing bangers and nails at Glass Bongs Australia. For those who don’t know, dabbing is simply another method of consuming concentrated oils by dropping an amount on a hot surface, such as a dab rig, and allowing it to vaporise resulting in the user experiencing the concentrate’s complete flavour and effect profile. Your dab rig is never complete without a sturdy, reliable and heavy-duty nail that can easily take the full force of heat while you're lighting up.

We stock a variety of unique nails made from different materials to suit all your dabbing needs. If you’re after a super affordable nail option, then we highly recommend our titanium nails. Our titanium nails are incredibly robust and won’t break or crack easily. They perform fantastic when it comes to rapid heating and cooling and are very easy to clean. Or, if you’re like the rest of the dabbing community, you’ll be very keen to try our wicked selection of quartz nails. Quartz nails are very similar to glass, but unlike some glass nails, quartz is more durable and can be heated up quicker and more efficiently. Although not as cheap as glass, our quartz nails are ideal if you’re looking for great taste, smooth airflow and a piece that won’t crack, bend or warp under heat pressure. Many of our quartz nails come with a cover to help trap the heat and emphasise true convection as your hash vaporises.

If nails aren’t your cup of tea, then why not explore our collection of quartz bangers. Quartz bangers are extremely durable and will certainly last you a very long time if used and cleaned correctly. There are no chemicals released when quartz is heated so you don’t get any other tastes besides the full flavour and sensation of your favourite concentrates. We stock a variety of quartz bangers from Chongz and our very own Glass Bongs Australia range. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs so you can find the right one that’ll look badass on your dab rig. Whether you’re looking for a replacement piece, keen to upgrade your current rig with a new, sleek and clean piece or simply interested in exploring other available options to make your dabbing experience even better, than check out our awesome collection at Glass Bongs Australia.

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