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  • Gravity bongs offer a powerful hit and unique smoking experience, revolutionising the bong industry with their simple design and ability to utilise gravity.
  • They cater to both experienced enthusiasts and beginners, providing a versatile and inclusive tool in the realm of marijuana consumption.
  • Known for high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, gravity bongs stand as a testament to the constant evolution and transformation within cannabis culture, creating an elevated and unforgettable smoking experience.

Gravity bongs are popular among cannabis enthusiasts for their powerful hit and unique smoking experience. Their simple design, affordability, and ability to utilise gravity have contributed to their growing fame. These bongs have revolutionised the smoking device industry, offering unmatched experiences compared to other types. Fans of glass bongs appreciate their efficient herb usage, strong effects, and enjoyable DIY aspect. In this article, we will explore the captivating allure of gravity bongs and why it's time to embrace them.

What Is A Gravity Bong?

GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong

A gravity bong consists of two containers - a larger one filled with water and a smaller one for cannabis. By lighting the cannabis and lifting the smaller container, smoke is drawn into the chamber. Users inhale by placing their mouth over the opening and pushing the chamber back into the water. Gravity bongs are known for their strong and concentrated smoke inhalation compared to other bongs.

Types Of Gravity Bongs

GRAV Monarch Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs come in various types, each offering unique advantages. Now, let's dive into the specifics of each kind.

Bucket Gravity Bong

The bucket gravity bong is a modified design of the gravity bong. It involves a large plastic bottle or bucket filled with water, and inside the water sits a smaller container made from a customised plastic bottle. To use it, simply place the smoking material in a bowl on top of the smaller container. Creating a vacuum by lifting the smaller bottle will draw the smoke into the chamber. Once filled with smoke, remove the bowl and inhale, letting the water push the smoke into your lungs.

Waterfall Gravity Bong

The waterfall gravity bong functions similarly to the bucket bong. Instead of using a smaller bottle to create a vacuum, it has a hole at the base for water drainage. As the water drains out, it creates a vacuum that draws smoke into the bottle. Once the bottle is filled with smoke, the user removes the bowl and inhales, allowing the water to push the smoke into their lungs.

Homemade Gravity Bong

People often create their own plastic gravity bongs using readily available plastic bottles and containers. These DIY options are popular because they can be made with materials found at home. However, caution is necessary when using plastic as heating it can release toxic chemicals.

Glass Gravity Bong

Glass gravity bongs are durable, attractive, and can be bought from trusted online stores that specialise in smoking accessories. The GRAV Large Gravitron Gravity Bong, for instance, offers pure flavour, low maintenance, and a range of design choices to cater to personal preferences.

How Does A Gravity Bong Work?

Hand Holding GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong

A gravity bong utilises gravity and air pressure to function. It consists of a water-filled vessel and a smaller container for the smoking substance. To operate, submerge the smaller container in the water, creating a vacuum, and allow gravity to draw the smoke into the bottle. Here's a step-by-step explanation of how it works:

  1. The Setup: The gravity bong consists of a plastic bottle filled with water and a smaller container or bowl for smoking. When the smaller container is submerged in the water, it creates an airtight chamber.
  2. Creating Negative Pressure: Lifting the smaller container upwards creates a vacuum above the water in the larger container, reducing air pressure inside the smaller container and causing the water to rise.
  3. Smoke Generation: Raise the small container to the desired height and light the smoking substance. The substance will burn and produce smoke, filling the empty space inside the container.
  4. Release Of Negative Pressure: Upon releasing the smaller container, negative pressure immediately equalises, forcefully propelling the smoke into the user's lungs as the larger container's water is displaced.

The Science Behind Gravity Bongs

Person lifting bottle out of gravity bong

A gravity bong works by utilising gravity and air pressure. When the cannabis in the bowl is ignited and the bottle is lifted, the change in air pressure inside the bottle causes the smoke to be inhaled into the chamber. Then, by pushing the bottle down into the water, the increase in air pressure forces the smoke out of the chamber and into your respiratory system.

The essential scientific principles and laws of physics in action are:

  1. Air Pressure: Boyle's Law states that gas pressure is directly proportional to volume. As the bottle is raised, the enclosed air expands, resulting in decreased pressure. As a result, the smoke is drawn into the bottle.
  2. Gravity: Gravity holds the water down in the container. When you lift the bottle, the pressure drops, allowing the water to rise and fill the bottle, pushing out the air and creating a vacuum. When you push the bottle down again, the water goes back to its original position, increasing the pressure. This pressure pushes the smoke into your lungs.

The gravity bong works by utilising air pressure and gravity to create a vacuum that pulls smoke into the compartment and then expels it when the pressure increases.

Benefits Of Gravity Bongs

GRAV Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong

A gravity bong can provide various advantages when using cannabis. Here are a few potential benefits:

  • Efficient Consumption: Gravity bongs are a potent and efficient method of consuming cannabis, providing a powerful experience with just one inhalation.
  • Stronger Effects: Inhaling a large amount of smoke has more intense and immediate effects compared to other methods of consumption due to the higher concentration of inhaled smoke.
  • Conservation of Cannabis: Gravity bongs maximise cannabis usage by extracting THC efficiently, minimising wastage.
  • DIY Option: Make your own gravity bongs at home using common household items. It's a cost-effective and convenient way to enjoy cannabis. This DIY method is both accessible and affordable.
  • Customisable Experience: Users can customise their experience by adjusting the smoke density and hit size to suit their preferences.
  • Potential for Medical Use: Medical cannabis users may find that a gravity bong provides quick and effective relief for various symptoms like pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Drawbacks Of Gravity Bongs

Person lighting gravity bong

There are also downsides to using a gravity bong with cannabis. Remember these factors:

  • Harshness: Gravity bongs can be too intense for people with delicate lungs or respiratory issues, causing coughing and discomfort.
  • High THC Intake: Using a gravity bong to smoke cannabis can result in a rapid and potent THC absorption. This can lead to a stronger high than expected, potentially causing anxiety or paranoia, especially for inexperienced users.
  • Health Concerns: Smoking cannabis can harm the respiratory system, especially when using gravity bongs. These bongs produce a lot of smoke quickly, straining the lungs. This can worsen existing respiratory conditions and increase the risk of long-term respiratory problems.
  • Lack of Control: Gravity bongs provide a speedy and powerful method for inhaling cannabis smoke. However, the absence of precise measurement and regulation can lead to excessive consumption and potential adverse effects.
  • Personal Tolerance: Different people have varying levels of tolerance for cannabis. Using a gravity bong can significantly increase the potency and intensity of the psychoactive effects. It's important to consider your own tolerance and experience before trying this method.

Gravity Bongs vs. Bongs

Homemade gravity bong

Gravity bongs and traditional bongs have distinct qualities that differentiate them from each other. Let's explore the main differences between these two types:

Size and Shape

  • Bong: Bongs come in various designs, with a tube or chamber connected to a solid base. Smokers have a wide range of options, including straight or beaker-shaped water pipes. While sizes may vary, standard bongs tend to have a streamlined and slender look.
  • Gravity Bong: Gravity bongs are typically made of plastic or glass and have a smaller size and a more compact design.

Water Filtration

  • Bongs: Bongs have a water chamber to filter and cool the smoke. This feature improves the smoking experience and adds visual appeal.
  • Gravity Bongs: Gravity bongs don't have a water filter. Instead, they use water or air pressure to draw smoke into the chamber. This gives them a unique look compared to regular bongs.

Assembly and Components

  • Bongs: Bongs consist of different parts like a bowl, downstem, and sometimes additional percolators. These components are visible and enhance the bong's overall visual complexity.
  • Gravity Bongs: Gravity bongs are simple in design, usually consisting of a bottle or container and a bowl. They are uncomplicated and have a practical and functional appearance.

Material and Transparency

  • Bongs: Bongs come in various materials like glass, acrylic, or silicone. Their transparent design allows users to see the smoke flowing through the water chamber, setting them apart with unique visual appeal.
  • Gravity Bongs: Gravity bongs are made from various materials, such as plastic bottles or improvised containers. They usually have a less transparent and more DIY look.


  • Bongs: Bongs provide a reliable and controlled smoking experience, allowing for smooth and measured inhalations.
  • Gravity Bongs: Gravity bongs are known for their intense and quick hits. The smoke produced is often highly concentrated and may be overwhelming for inexperienced users.

How To Make A Gravity Bong

Three GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bongs

Making a DIY gravity bong is simple and straightforward. Here's a concise, step-by-step guide to assist you.

Materials Needed

  • Plastic bottle (2L soft drink bottle or similar size)
  • Large container or bucket
  • Aluminium foil
  • Lighter
  • Ground Cannabis
  • Water

Step 1. Choose Your Bottle

Choose an empty plastic bottle, like a water bottle or a larger soft drink container. The size of the bottle will affect the strength of the hits, so choose accordingly. If you're smoking alone, a smaller bottle will do. But if there are multiple people, opt for a larger bottle. Also, make sure the chosen bottle can fit inside a larger bottle or bucket.

2. Create Bowl

Wrap the gravity bong's mouthpiece with aluminum foil securely, leaving room for easy removal later. Create a few small perforations directly above the mouthpiece to allow smoke to flow into the bottle. Be cautious not to make excessive or oversized holes to avoid any cannabis from accidentally entering the bong.

Step 3. Cut Bottle

Trim the bottom part of the plastic bottle by slicing it about 2.5 - 5 cm above the base. Start with a knife to create an opening and then use scissors to cut in a straight line until the lower section is fully separated. Keep the upper part aside and make sure to recycle the bottom portion responsibly.

Step 4. Make Bong

To do this, get a bigger bucket or plastic container for the water. You can also use a larger plastic bottle and cut off the neck to match the width of the body. Fill the larger container with cold or warm water, leaving a gap of 2.5 - 5cm from the rim.

Step 5. Insert Top Into Container

Place the top bottle inside the bigger water container, ensuring that the open end is facing downwards and the neck and mouthpiece are above the water level. If the water covers the mouthpiece, it means the bottle has been inserted too far.

Step 6. Insert Cannabis

Grind the cannabis cautiously, ensuring it's not too fine. This way, you can prevent smaller particles from slipping through the holes in the aluminum foil. Keep the plastic bottle stable and sprinkle the cannabis onto the foil steadily, avoiding any potential spills.

Step 7. Light Cannabis

To smoke the cannabis, use a lighter to ignite it. Raise the plastic bottle and hold the flame in contact with the cannabis as you lift the bottle. This will create smoke inside the bottle.

Step 8. Raise The Bottle

Raise the bottle until it's just below the water surface without removing it completely. This will fill the entire bottle with smoke.

Step 9. Remove Bowl

Remove the aluminum foil from the bottle. Place your mouth on it and take off the foil. A small amount of smoke may be released, which is normal. Avoid pressing down on the bottle to prevent the escape of all the smoke.

Step 10. Inhale

Press the bottle down gently and inhale slowly. This will release the smoke into your lungs. Take care not to press too quickly as it may result in inhaling excessive smoke. Continue inhaling and pressing until all the smoke is released. If you can't take in any more, remove your mouth from the bottle.

Step 11. Exhale

Remove smoke slowly from your lungs by exhaling. If smoke remains in the plastic bottle, either take another hit or press down on the bottle to eliminate it. To use your gravity bong again, put the aluminum foil back on, add more cannabis, and repeat the process.

Safety Tips When Using A Gravity Bong

Gravity bong with aluminium foil bowl

Safety and health precautions are a top priority when using a do-it-yourself gravity bong. Here are some key factors to consider.

  • Materials: Use safe materials when building a gravity bong. Understand the health concerns associated with using materials such as plastic or aluminum, as they can release harmful substances when heated. Opt for heat-resistant options like glass, stainless steel, or food-grade silicone.
  • Water Quality: Always use clean water with a gravity bong. Dirty or contaminated water can introduce harmful particles or bacteria into the smoke, which can then be inhaled into your lungs.
  • Inhalation Safety: Avoid inhaling too forcefully to prevent water from splashing into the smoking chamber, which could lead to accidental water consumption or aspiration.
  • Fire Safety: Use caution when lighting smoking material with an open flame. Ensure there is proper ventilation and no flammable materials nearby. Keep a fire extinguisher or other fire suppression method nearby for emergencies.
  • Hygiene: Keep your gravity bong spotless and bacteria-free for a safe smoking experience. Regularly sanitise and disinfect all its components to guarantee cleanliness and hygiene with each use.
  • Inhalation Risks: Gravity bongs create potent smoke with high concentration. Users must be aware that this method may expose them to more toxins and irritants than traditional smoking techniques. It's important to use the gravity bong moderately and consider its impact on respiratory health.
  • Sharing Considerations: Use separate mouthpieces or sanitise the mouthpiece after each use to prevent the spread of germs and infections when sharing the gravity bong with others. Hygiene is essential in minimising illness transmission.

Making your own DIY gravity bong poses health risks due to the materials used. Several DIY gravity bongs use unsafe materials like plastic bottles, aluminum foil, or others that release harmful chemicals when heated. Inhaling these chemicals can cause respiratory problems and other health complications. Additionally, DIY construction lacks quality control, leading to weak structures or leaks, increasing the likelihood of burns or other injuries.

For a safe smoking experience, it's best to buy gravity bongs from trusted sources like Glass Bongs Australia. Their top-notch products are designed with high-quality materials, guaranteeing a secure and reliable smoking experience that avoids the health risks associated with homemade alternatives.

Ways To Enhance Your Gravity Bong Experience

Two GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bongs

Learn to optimise your gravity bong for mind-blowing smoking sessions. Follow these recommendations and guidelines for an extraordinary experience.

  • Use Clean Water: To get the best hit and maintain your gravity bong's longevity, stick to a routine of using fresh, pure water or Piece Water Solution. This keeps it clean and ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Experiment with Temperature: Experiment with water temperature to maximise your gravity bong experience. Some users enjoy the invigorating sensation of ice-cold water, while others find the soothing draw of warm water more pleasurable. Enhance your sessions by trying out different water temperatures.
  • Use High-Quality Concentrates: For an exceptional gravity bong experience, prioritise high-quality concentrates. Opting for top-notch concentrates will elevate the potency and taste of your hit, making it a crucial factor to consider.
  • Enhance with Terpenes: Add terpenes to enhance your gravity bong session. They are organic compounds found in cannabis that enhance the flavour and aroma. By using them with your gravity bong, you can heighten the sensory pleasure of your experience.
  • Try Different Smoking Methods: Diversify your gravity bong usage by exploring various techniques and materials. Amplify your experience with cannabis concentrates for a stronger effect. This approach introduces versatility and enhances your gravity bong experience.
  • Use Safe Materials: Choose safe and toxin-free materials when making your own gravity bong. Avoid using plastics that can release harmful chemicals at high temperatures.
  • Stay Hydrated: Remember to hydrate during a gravity bong session. The intensity of using a gravity bong underscores the need to prioritise your body's hydration.

How To Clean A Gravity Bong

Person lifting the bowl of a gravity bong

Preserving the functionality and lifespan of your gravity bong requires regular cleaning. The following guidelines offer a step-by-step rundown on how to effectively clean your gravity bong:

1. Disassembly

Commence by deconstructing your gravity bong. This usually requires detaching any detachable elements, such as the mouthpiece and the bowl associated with the gravity bong. Doing so guarantees that you can meticulously clean each segment.

2. Rinse

Upon deconstructing your gravity bong, thoroughly rinse all components with warm water. This preliminary rinse aids in eliminating any easy-to-remove residues and primes the gravity bong for a more comprehensive cleaning.

3. Cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol

The subsequent phase post-rinsing requires cleansing with isopropyl alcohol. In this stage, you need to saturate your gravity bong, particularly the glass orbs, using isopropyl alcohol. You should then maneuver the gravity bong in a manner that enables the alcohol to permeate every crevice.

4. Deep Cleaning

To achieve a more thorough cleanse for your gravity bong, particularly when it has upstems, it's advisable to dismantle them. By cleaning each component individually with isopropyl alcohol, you will ensure your gravity bong is impeccably maintained.

5. Rinse Again

Once you've meticulously cleaned your gravity bong with isopropyl alcohol, it's essential to thoroughly rinse it with warm water. This ensures that any lingering traces of alcohol are effectively removed from the gravity bong.

6. Replacement of Seals

Should you find that the seals of your gravity bong are showing signs of wear and tear or damage, it's an indication that a replacement is needed. This is the perfect moment to refresh the components of your gravity bong for optimal functionality.

7. Reassembly

After each component of your gravity bong has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, it's time to put it all back together. Be certain that each piece is reassembled accurately to guarantee the optimal performance of your gravity bong.

8. Final Check

Ultimately, perform a swift check-up to confirm the functionality of your gravity bong. If all components are in place and functioning optimally, your gravity bong stands primed for your next use.

Where To Buy Gravity Bongs Online

GRAV Monarch Gravitron Gravity Bong

Glass Bongs Australia is widely recognised as the leading destination for gravity bongs in the country. They offer a wide range of top-quality gravity bong brands, including the highly acclaimed GRAV, at highly competitive prices. With discreet packaging, fast shipping, and free shipping for orders over $150, Glass Bongs Australia is the ultimate choice for those looking to buy a premium gravity bong online. Their unwavering commitment to affordability, dependability, and customer satisfaction has firmly established Glass Bongs Australia as the preferred source for gravity bongs in the country.

Conclusion: Take Your Gravity Bong Experience To The Next Level

The gravity bong has completely revolutionised the way cannabis is enjoyed, providing an unmatched and intense experience that other bongs often lack. This innovative device not only challenges traditional perceptions of bong smoking but has also become a symbol of contemporary cannabis culture.

The appeal of the gravity bong lies in its ability to deliver a strong and powerful hit, creating a unique experience that is hard to replicate. Its simple yet effective method caters to both experienced cannabis enthusiasts and beginners, making it a versatile and inclusive tool in the realm of marijuana consumption.

Additionally, the gravity bong is known for its high efficiency - it requires less herb yet produces stronger effects. This cost-effective feature adds to its popularity and allure. Ultimately, the gravity bong stands as a testament to the constant evolution and transformation within cannabis culture, proving that even basic principles like gravity can be harnessed to create an elevated and unforgettable smoking experience.

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