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Where To Buy RAW Papers?

The go-to online store for all your RAW paper needs in Australia is Glass Bongs Australia. They guarantee quality and authenticity for their customers with a wide selection of RAW papers and accessories. At Glass Bongs Australia, you can conveniently and reliably shop for RAW papers. They will deliver your favourite RAW products to your doorstep in Australia, absolutely free when you spend over $150! Glass Bongs Australia discreetly packages your order for complete confidentiality, respecting your privacy. Visit Glass Bongs Australia, the top online head shop in Australia, for the best selection of RAW papers, accessories, and more.

How Much Are RAW Papers?

Factors like size and type determine the different prices of RAW papers. Sizes such as 1 1/4, single wide, and king size each have their own price. Types like RAW Classic, RAW Organic, and RAW Black also impact the cost. Additionally, the style of RAW papers affects the price, whether it is rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, or rolling papers with filter tip packs. For accurate pricing information on the RAW papers you wish to purchase, consult a specific online bong shop like Glass Bongs Australia.

How To Roll RAW Papers?

Rolling a joint using RAW rolling papers is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Grind cannabis: Ensure your cannabis is finely ground by using a weed grinder for a smooth smoke.
  2. Get ready to roll: Grab a RAW rolling paper and position it with the sticky side up, facing you. Double-check that the adhesive strip is in front of you.
  3. Roll evenly: Spread your ground cannabis across the paper, ensuring an equal distribution. Avoid overfilling to make rolling easier.
  4. Shape the joint: Roll the cannabis into a cylinder shape using your fingers, applying gentle pressure. This ensures an even burn.
  5. Roll it up: Begin by folding the non-glued side of the paper over the cannabis and roll it between your fingers until it forms a cylinder. Seal the joint by licking the adhesive strip.
  6. Pack and twist the end: Compact the cannabis at the open end of the joint using a small object or your fingers for a tighter, even burn. Seal it by twisting the end.

What Are RAW Papers Made Of?

Many RAW papers are craft from natural hemp fibers, making them a sustainable and unrefined choice. Unlike traditional rolling papers made from wood pulp, RAW papers free from chemicals and additives, guaranteeing a clean smoking experience. The benefits of their materials include:

Sustainability: RAW papers craft themselves from hemp, a highly sustainable crop. Hemp requires fewer resources to grow compared to other plants used in rolling paper production. Additionally, it has a shorter cultivation cycle, reduces deforestation, and has a lower environmental impact.

Clean Burning: Hemp fibers guarantee an even and smooth burn, which creates a clean and consistent smoking experience. You can bid farewell to uneven burns, excessive ash, and unpleasant flavours that are frequently encountered in lower quality papers.

Minimal Additives: RAW crafts its papers with minimal processing and no harsh additives, making them chlorine-free, dye-free, and chemical-free, guaranteeing a pure and natural smoking journey.

Taste and Aroma: Hemp fibers ensure an unadulterated experience of your favourite herbs or tobacco as they are tasteless and odourless.

Strength and Durability: Durable hemp fibers make RAW papers prevent tearing or breaking while rolling, allowing for a hassle-free rolling experience.

RAW makes papers with organic hemp fibers, providing a natural, sustainable, and high-quality smoking experience that is also eco-friendly. Enjoy the best of both worlds with RAW.

Who Invented RAW Rolling Papers?

The founder of the RAW brand, Josh Kesselman, revolutionised the smoking experience by creating RAW Rolling Papers in 1993. As an entrepreneur, Kesselman established HBI International to develop innovative, high-quality smoking accessories. His natural and sustainable alternative to traditional papers is RAW Rolling Papers.

Kesselman's passion for organic and unbleached materials is reflected in the making of RAW papers, which are made from pure hemp fibers. RAW has become a favorite choice among smoking enthusiasts globally due to its minimal processing and additives.

Smokers trust RAW Rolling Papers, the leading brand in the industry, for offering natural and eco-friendly products, innovative designs, quality commitment, and promoting a natural smoking experience.

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