Palm & Natural Leaf Wraps


We take a closer look at what makes hemp wraps so popular and why you should consider saying goodbye to the nasties, toxins and adhesives of traditional wraps and embrace the green goodness of hemp.


Here are five reasons you should consider experimenting with King Palm’s palm leaf products and find out how they're charging ahead in the smoking industry with their innovation, quality and craftmanship.

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Palm & Natural Leaf Wraps FAQ

What Is A Palm or Natural Leaf Wrap?

A palm and natural leaf wrap is a rolling paper derived from the leaves of different plants, usually palm trees or other natural sources. It is frequently used for smoking cannabis and other herbs and is a popular choice for individuals who prefer a more natural and organic smoking experience. These wraps are available in pre-rolled or flat sheet form and may require some preparation before use.

What Types Of Palm or Natural Leaf Wraps Are Available?

Different types of palm and naural leaf wraps are available, such as palm leaf, natural leaf, corn husk, bamboo, and tobacco leaf. Palm leaf wraps are made from palm tree leaves and are widely known for their natural flavor and long-lasting nature. Corn husk wraps are produced from corn husks and are preferred for their gentle taste and slow-burning properties. Bamboo wraps, made from bamboo leaves, offer a smooth burn and a natural flavor. While tobacco leaf wraps are an alternative to conventional rolling papers, produced using tobacco leaves.

What Are The Benefits Of Palm or Natural Leaf Wraps?

Palm and natural leaf wraps, which are crafted from natural sources, offer a distinct natural and delicious flavour compared to traditional rolling papers. Unlike some rolling papers that may contain chemicals or additives, leaf wraps are usually free from any extra ingredients, making them a healthier and more natural alternative. Leaf wraps have a slower burn time than traditional rolling papers, which extends the smoking experience. Leaf wraps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing users to personalise their smoking experience according to their preferences. Plus, many leaf wraps are biodegradable and eco-friendly, making them a sustainable and responsible choice over traditional rolling papers.

Are Palm or Natural Leaf Wraps Difficult To Use?

When it comes to smoking cannabis, using palm or natural leaf wraps can be a bit challenging for people who are not adept at rolling their own joints. This is because leaf wraps are thicker and more inflexible than traditional rolling papers, making them harder to handle and roll. Nevertheless, with some practice and persistence, most people can become skilled at using leaf wraps for smoking cannabis.

How Do I Roll A palm or natural Leaf Wrap?

Rolling a cannabis palm and natural leaf wrap for smoking may require more skill than rolling a regular rolling paper, but with practice, anyone can become proficient. Select the wrap of your choice and follow the instructions for preparing it. Use a grinder to grind the cannabis into small, uniform pieces for a smoother and more even burn. Place the wrap on a level surface with the shiny side down, and moisten it if needed to increase its flexibility. Sprinkle the ground cannabis evenly along the length of the wrap, being careful not to overload it. Using your fingers, roll the wrap back and forth while tucking in the edges to create a tight and uniform roll. Use a small amount of moisture or simply lick the edge and press it down to seal the wrap. After sealing the wrap, light it up and savour the experience! It's important to note that rolling a leaf wrap requires practice, so don't be disheartened if your first try isn't perfect. Keep practicing and you'll eventually be able to roll flawless leaf wrap joints every time.

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