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The Ultimate Bong Buying Guide

Discover the crucial questions to ask yourself before purchasing a bong and ensure you find the perfect fit for your smoking preferences and lifestyle.

Why Glass Bongs Are The Best Bongs Around

Glass bongs are hands down the most ideal bong for all smokers. Explore why glass bongs are the best bongs around, the different types of glass bongs available and how to choose the best glass bong for your smoking needs.

Bongs FAQ

What Is A Bong?

A bong is a device used to smoke herbs such as cannabis. Bongs feature a cone piece or bowl attached to a downstem in the main chamber. The cone piece holds your dried cannabis which is lit using a flame. When you light the cannabis, it combusts and as you inhale through the mouthpiece, the water in the chamber bubbles and the smoke rises up through the water, into the chamber and enters your mouth and lungs.

What Are Bongs Made Of?

Bongs are often made from three materials - glass, acrylic or silicone. Glass bongs are one of the most popular types because they're durable, heat resistent and improve the overall taste and flavour of your cannabis. Acrylic are often cheaper and are a great choice if you're unable to purchase a glass bong. However, they're not as reliable, dont produce the best results and won't last you longer than a high-quality glass bong. Silicone bongs on the otherhand are fantastic to travel with as they're near-impossible to break but can be difficult to clean and can emit a plastic flavour.

What's The Best Type Of Bong?

There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your personal preference, smoking lifestyle and how you intend to use the bong. Bongs come in a variety of shapes including beaker base bongs, round base bongs, straight tube bongs, percolator filtered bongs, gripper bongs and more all with their own unique functionalities.

What's The Best Sized Bong?

Choosing the right sized bong comes down to personal preference and your smoking habits. Bongs are available in many sizes, from small bongs sized under 20cm to bongs towering above 40cm. Choosing the right sized bong for you depends on how filtrated you like your smoke, whether you're using it on the road or at home and your overall bong smoking ability. If you're new to bong smoking, we recommend starting small and working your way up to larger bongs. Also, speak to fellow bong smokers for more guidance or contact us at

What Does A Bong Come With?

All bongs at Glass Bongs Australia come with a cone piece and downstem. This means you are ready to use your bong as soon as you open the box. We recommend adding spare cone pieces or downstems to your order in case of accidental breakages or if you want to customise it with different colours or styles. If you need help with sizing your spare bong parts, contact us at

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