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Enjoy one of the largest selections of high-quality, durable and beautifully designed bongs in the country at Glass Bongs Australia. No matter if you’re fresh on the scene looking for an introductory device to kick-start your bong odyssey, a moderate user searching for a stylistic and innovative bong to spice up your smoking lifestyle or a seasoned veteran on the prowl for another piece of glassware to add to your growing collection, you will be stoked with our superior collection of bongs that is guaranteed to suit all your needs.

At Glass Bongs Australia, we pride ourselves on delivering a vast assortment of high-grade, versatile and long-lasting bongs so you don’t have to shop anywhere else. Our carefully selected range of glass bongs offer an unmatched smooth, pure and defined smoking experience while our choice of acrylic and silicone bongs tick all the boxes when it comes to choosing a lightweight, affordable and extremely versatile bong for those who are always on the move.

We proudly stock your favourite and most-trusted brands including Chongz, Jaxx USA, Half Baked and Atomic as well as our own Glass Bongs Australia range featuring Bing Bongs and Higher Concepts. We make choosing the right bong super easy and hassle-free with our unbelievable range of unique styles suitable for all your smoking requirements including diffusor filtered bongs, recycler bongs, percolator filtered bongs, dual system bongs, honeycomb filtered bongs, novelty bongs and dab and oil rigs.

Whether you’re strapped for cash and are looking for a bong that won’t bust the bank or looking to add a bit of class to your setup by lavishly indulging in our finer bongs, our expansive range will have the right bong for you. Our assortment includes straight tube, round base, beaker base, flat base, gripper and inline bongs plus a superb selection of sizes including our popular bongs under 20cm that are perfect for those travelling or constantly on the go.

Glass Bongs Australia is stoked to offer free shipping on all orders over $100 and as all our stock is right here in Australia, you know we'll get it to you fast and secure. Don’t look anywhere else and find the right bong for you at Glass Bongs Australia today!

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