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Wooden Cone Holders

Wooden Cone Holders

Take your smoking game to a completely new level with Glass Bongs Australia’s magnificent collection of wooden cone holders. From the brilliant minds from RAW, these ridiculous wooden cone holder contraptions are purely made for laughs and nights you’ll never remember. Like many of our favourite inventions, the wooden cone holder concept began as a joke but the idea of being able to smoke more than one joint at once soon became enticingly appealing. Imagine gathering all your buddies over for a session and out of nowhere you pull out this magical beast. Heads will turn, mouths will salivate and laughter will no doubt ensue. Just place your pre-rolled joints in the end of the device and smoke away – it’s that simple.

We have three different sized options available so you have decisions to make on how big you want to go. The Double Barrel can hold two smokes at one time and is perfect if you just want to double down or enjoy two different flavours or varieties at once. Plus, its obtainable in different paper sizes including 1 ¼, King Size and Supernatural. Up next is the Wooden Trident, which can hold three hand rolls or pre-rolled cones at once, but still manages to provide a balanced and even draw. Shaped to look like the inside of a peace sign, this piece is ideal for when you’re at a party or sharing with friends, because as you know, sharing is caring! If three isn’t enough then it’s time to wade into unchartered territory with the Level Five Cigarette Holder. Able to hold five, yes five, joints or cigarettes, this one will get you some serious attention if you decide to whip it out at your next gathering. There's no doubt about it!

All our wooden holders are handmade from sustainable woods. No two holders are the same due to the natural colour and growth patterns of the wood so your holder will automatically be one of a kind. Take your smoking parties to the next level and invest in one of our wooden cone holders today!

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