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Toker Poker FAQ

What Is A Toker Poker?

A Toker Poker is a lighter sleeve specifically designed to enhance the smoking experience of cannabis. It is made of silicone and fits perfectly around standard-sized lighters such as a Bic or Clipper. This accessory comes with various tools that can be utilised to pack, clean, and light a bowl of cannabis making it a versatile and practical tool for cannabis lovers.

What Are The Features Of A Toker Poker?

A Toker Poker is a lightweight and affordable accessory that serves as a sleeve for standard Bic or Clipper lighters. It is designed to streamline and simplify smoking cannabis. It includes a built-in tamper made of stainless steel that can pack down cannabis inside a cone piece efficiently. Additionally, it can be used to extinguish a flame without coming too close to it. The Toker Poker also has a reinforced stainless-steel poker that retracts into the lighter sleeve. It can effectively clear any blockages or debris from a cone piece or bowl. Furthermore, it features a built-in holder for the lighter, making it easier to keep everything one needs for smoking in one place.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Toker Poker?

Utilising a Toker Poker while smoking cannabis from a bong, pipe, or joint has numerous advantages. The Toker Poker consolidates all the necessary tools for smoking in one place, making it simple to keep everything organised and in one location. The tamper and poker tool assists in compacting your cannabis and eliminating any obstructions in your bong or pipe. This guarantees that you get the most out of your cannabis and reduces wastage. The retractable stainless-steel poker prevents burns or other injuries by keeping your fingers away from the flame. It also helps to maintain the cleanliness of your smoking device by eliminating any stuck-on debris or ash. Additionally, it is light in weight and small in size, making it convenient to carry anywhere you go. Therefore, it is an excellent accessory for on-the-go smoking.

What Kind Of Lighters Go In A Toker Poker?

The Toker Poker lighter sleeve is specially made to fit standard-sized Bic lighters. Any lighter with a similar size and shape to a Bic lighter should fit well inside the Toker Poker, but it's always recommended to check the dimensions of your lighter before purchasing a Toker Poker to ensure a proper fit. Other lighters like Clipper lighters may also be compatible with different Toker Poker styles such as the Toker Poker - Clipper Edition which is specifically designed to fit a Clipper Lighter.

What Is A Toker Poker 2.0?

The Toker Poker 2.0 is an advanced variation of the first Toker Poker that serves as a practical accessory for individuals who smoke. This tool incorporates a stainless-steel poker and tamper that helps smokers to easily clean their pipes and pack their bowls. Furthermore, it can accommodate traditional Bic lighters, making it an all-in-one instrument for smokers who are on the move. With improved grips and a more refined appearance, the Toker Poker 2.0 is an adaptable and user-friendly tool that caters to smokers of all levels, from occasional to frequent smokers.

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