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Higher Concepts Bongs

Higher Concepts Bongs

Higher Concepts bongs is one of Glass Bongs Australia’s own signature brands offering you the most durable, elegant and value-for-money bongs on the market. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right bong for your smoking needs and that’s why our range of high-quality Higher Concept glass bongs tick all the right boxes for all smoking enthusiasts from first time beginners to everyday veterans.

The Higher Concept’s Lighter Holder Beaker Glass Bong 30cm is the perfect all-round glass bong suitable for every occasion. Made from 7mm Pyrex Glass, it’s exceptionally solid, heat resilient and is unlikely to split, crack, warp or bend under extreme conditions. Plus, its traditional shape with a thicker flared base will prevent any accidental knocks or spillages when you’re sharing with friends.

It not only looks amazing with its clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing design, but it also features a very conveniently placed lighter holder at the base which fits common lighters such as Bic so you'll never lose your lighter when you need it most. Standing at 30cm (12”), detailed with simple ice notches and cleverly designed with a separate glass stem and cone piece makes cleaning a hassle-free process. Plus, you can add a bit of pizzazz by choosing from a number of beautiful colours such as amber, clear, teal, pink and purple.

You can also be the envy of all your friends by upgrading your setup with our exclusive bundle option. Perfect as a gift for a loved one or simply to boost your own smoking arrangement, the Higher Concept Bong Bundle includes the Lighter Holder Beaker Bong plus a Glass Bongs Australia ash catcher, 4-part aluminium grinder and aluminium ashtray! 

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