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Need a refresher on cone pieces? We explore how to use them, which one will suit your new bong and everything else you need to know about cone pieces.


Measuring the joint size of your bong and its parts is a straightforward process that can be down with a ruler in less than one minute.

The Benefits Of Metal Cone Pieces For Your Bong

In this article, we explore the advantages of metal cone pieces, cover the different types, emphasise important factors to consider when selecting one, and offer practical tips for cleaning and maintenance.

Pipe Screens FAQ

What Is A Pipe Screen?

A pipe screen is a small round object that is used in pipes or bongs to avoid the entry of undesirable debris or ash into the user's mouth. It’s typically made from materials like glass, steel or brass in the form of a mesh.

How Does A Pipe Screen Work?

When smoking cannabis with a bong, a pipe screen is placed in the cone piece to prevent any unwanted debris or ash from being inhaled. This screen acts as a filter, allowing smoke to pass through while keeping any debris or ash in the cone piece. As the user inhales, the smoke travels through the herb and down into the water where it is cooled and filtered, resulting in a smoother and less harsh smoking experience. If a pipe screen is not used, small pieces of herb or ash can get sucked into the water, making them unusable. The use of a pipe screen improves the smoking experience by providing a smoother hit and preventing unwanted debris from being inhaled.

What Are The Different Types Of Pipe Screens?

When smoking from a bong, there are different types of pipe screens that can be utilised. The most used type of pipe screen is made of metal, specifically stainless steel, and can come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate various cone pieces. These metal screens can either be disposed of or used multiple times. Brass screens, on the other hand, are comparable to metal screens in terms of usage and cleaning but are made of brass instead. They tend to be a good option for smokers who desire a milder taste. Glass screens are also available as an alternative to metal screens. They can also be reused and are easy to clean and come in different sizes and shapes to fit different cone pieces.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pipe Screen?

A pipe screen is essential for cannabis smokers as it acts as a barrier between the cone piece and the user's mouth, preventing any unwanted debris or ash from being inhaled. This leads to a better smoking experience by providing a smoother hit. Moreover, it helps to keep the cone piece clean by preventing ash or debris from accumulating. This results in better airflow and a more enjoyable smoking experience. By using a pipe screen, one can save money by preventing herb or other materials from being wasted. Without a screen, small pieces of herb or ash can get sucked into the water, making them unusable. A screen prevents this from happening, allowing for more efficient use of the herb. The best part is that they are easy to insert and remove from the cone piece, making them a convenient accessory for any cannabis smoker. Not only are they affordable, but they can also be easily replaced when they become dirty or damaged.

Are Brass Or Metal Pipe Screens Better?

When it comes to selecting between brass and steel pipe screens, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. Both types of screens are effective at preventing debris from being inhaled while smoking. Brass screens are softer than steel screens, which some smokers prefer because it gives a smoother and less harsh taste when inhaling. Brass screens are also adaptable to fit various cone piece shapes, making them a versatile option. Steel screens, on the other hand, are generally more robust than brass screens and can last longer with repeated use. They are also less likely to deform or become misshapen over time. Ultimately, the choice between brass or steel screens will depend on the smoker's preferences and needs.

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