Blunt Wraps


We take a closer look at what makes hemp wraps so popular and why you should consider saying goodbye to the nasties, toxins and adhesives of traditional wraps and embrace the green goodness of hemp.


Here are five reasons you should consider experimenting with King Palm’s palm leaf products and find out how they're charging ahead in the smoking industry with their innovation, quality and craftmanship.

What's The Deal With Hemp Wraps?

If you're new to hemp wraps, we help dissect what they are, what their benefits are compared to blunt wraps and the best brands to keep your eye out on at Glass Bongs Australia.

Blunt Wraps FAQ

What Are Blunt Wraps?

Blunt wraps are a type of rolling paper composed of tobacco leaves treated with flavourings and other additives. Unlike typical rolling papers that are thin and see-through, blunt wraps are denser and opaque, enabling larger amounts of tobacco or cannabis to be smoked.

What Are The Benefits Of Blunt Wraps?

Blunt wraps are thicker compared to traditional rolling papers and burn more slowly, making smoking sessions longer and more relaxed. They come in a wide range of flavours, such as fruit, candy, and dessert flavors, which can add a fun and flavourful twist to your cannabis consumption. Due to their thickness and pliability, blunt wraps can be easier to roll than traditional papers for some people.

How Do I Use A Blunt Wrap?

Blunt wraps are available in a range of sizes giving you plenty of options to suit your cannabis intake. Prior to using the wrap, it's beneficial to moisten it a little with either your tongue or a damp cloth. This will make it more malleable and easier to manage. Take out some of the tobacco filling from the wrap and substitute it with ground cannabis. Ensure that the cannabis is distributed evenly throughout the wrap without overflowing it. Roll the wrap tightly and seal it by licking the edges or using a small quantity of water to stick the seal. Once the wrap is rolled and sealed, light one end and enjoy your smoke.

Are Blunt Wraps Difficult To Use?

When it comes to smoking cannabis, using blunt wraps can be a bit of a challenge compared to using regular rolling papers. This is especially true if you are not accustomed to working with thicker and heavier materials. Nevertheless, with some practice, almost anyone can become proficient in using blunt wraps.

What's The Difference Between Blunt Wraps & Other Wraps?

Blunt wraps are manufactured from tobacco leaves and may have harmful additives and flavourings that can be dangerous when inhaled. They are also thicker and heavier than standard rolling papers, which makes them more challenging to handle, but they burn slowly and provide a unique flavour. On the other hand, hemp wraps are made from natural hemp plant fibres and are free of tobacco or nicotine. They are thinner and lighter than blunt wraps but still burn slowly. Hemp wraps are often marketed as a healthier option than blunt wraps because they are made from natural materials and do not contain harmful additives. Leaf wraps are crafted from natural leaves, such as palm, that are entirely natural and possess similar thickness and weight as blunt wraps. Nonetheless, they lack any extra flavourings or additives, and certain types are created from materials that are organic and sourced sustainably.

The Best Blunt Wraps For Slow & Tasty Smokes At Glass Bongs Australia

Enjoy longer, tastier and slower smokes with our unmatched selection of blunt wraps at Glass Bongs Australia. Blunt wraps are larger, thicker and can contain tobacco and nicotine as they are . . . Read More


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