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24k Gold Papers

24k Gold Papers

Don’t settle for second-best, exude royal confidence and be the high roller you’ve always dreamt of becoming with Glass Bongs Australia’s carefully selected 24k gold rolling papers collection. Everyone needs to pamper themselves once in a while and that’s why our selection of handcrafted 24k gold rolling papers, made with the finest edible gold, will provide you with luxury at your fingertips.

Not only do our 24k gold papers turn every head in the room but also the papers burn extremely slow while leaving behind gold stays on your ashes. While extravagant they are also affordable so you can be the envy of all your herb-loving friends the next time you have a special occasion or lavish celebration. Sometimes it’s nice to share the wealth, so consider giving the gift of gold to your loved ones and watch their faces radiate disbelief and happiness when smoking these premium papers.

Our 24k gold rolling paper range, featuring high-end brands such as Shine, will undoubtedly make you the life of the party. These slow-burning RYO lavish items come in a variety of sizes including pre-rolled cones and are perfect for a little self-indulgence that we all need in our lives. Either way, these unique papers are a sure-fire hit and the conversation-starter you’ve been dreaming of. Try one today!

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