Adapters & Connectors

Adapters & Connectors

Glass Bongs Australia has a fantastic range of connectors including downstems and adapters to help you take control of your bong setup and customise it how you please. Our high-quality selection of glass downstems and adapters come in a variety of sizes making it extremely simple to switch between your male and female pieces. Featuring some of your favourite brands, including Chongz, you don’t have to look elsewhere to find durable, reliable and long-lasting glass accessories for your smoking lifestyle. 

Whether you’re looking at improving your current outfit, replacing a broken or well-used piece or simply looking to upgrade to a better quality downstem, we have the right fixtures to help improve the overall performance of your bong. Our selection of superior glass downstems feature an open end to help bubble the smoke through your bong while cooling and filtering it. Downstems play an integral role in the quality of your smoke. By investing in the right downstem from our collection, you will not only dramatically improve the quality of your smoke but their strong, long-lasting and resilient properties ensure quality overall performance every single time. Plus, they’re extremely versatile and so easy to clean!

If it’s an adapter you’re on the hunt for, you’ve come to the right place as we have plenty of supreme quality adapters to suit all your dabbing and smoking needs. Our adapters are made from superior glass and come in a variety of male-female adapter options and styles including drop down to help prevent your rig from being exposed to intense heat and preserving your rig for longer.

No matter if it’s a downstem or an adapter, we have everything you need to help navigate the expansive world of smoking equipment and enhancements at Glass Bongs Australia.

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