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Bong, water pipe, billy, bing, moof—whatever you want to call it, Glass Bongs is the place to get it. We have a massive range of quality products available at cheap prices, so order yours today and ensure you have all the supplies you need for a seamless smoke-up.

Browse everything from high-end water pipes to cheap bongs for sale

Our products cover everyone from the casual smoker to the most dedicated connoisseurs. Choose from glass bongs, Roor bongs, beaker bases, dab rigs, pipes, recyclers, percolators, hookah pipes and masterpieces of glassblowing; whatever you choose, rest easy knowing you can buy from our bong shop online with full confidence in the quality of the design.

History of the bong

Ever wondered what genius came up with such a beautiful contraption? If this mystery has ever prodded your mind as you sit amidst a cloud of hazy smoke, wonder no more. It is suggested that bongs have been around for thousands of years: some Russian construction workers unearthed gold bongs used by tribal chiefs up to 2400 years ago. More detailed records state that water pipes were popularised by the Chinese in the 16th century before spreading all over the world and becoming the devices of today that we all know and love. The more you know!

While we (sadly) don’t offer any solid gold bongs crafted by ancient Russian tribesmen, our selection has everything you need to drag till you drop. Next time you light up, pay homage to those who started it all!

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