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Are bongs and glass pipes the same thing?

There's a significant distinction in size and transportability between bongs and pipes, even though both are widely used and efficient methods for using cannabis flower, bongs need water to filter smoke and hand pipes do not. Becuase smoke passes through water in a bong, the filtration of particles is greater and produces a smoother smoke.

Are glass pipes worth the investment?

Hand pipes are good value because of their longevity and flavour retention - generally providing an untainted taste experience. Due to its chemically inert nature, glass does not add any additional flavors, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of your herb.

Is it safe to use glass pipes for smoking?

Though inhaling medical marijuana poses certain hazards, using a hand-held glass pipe is often seen as a healthier alternative than pipes constructed out of other substances. Glass, being an innocuous material, does not emit any detrimental chemicals or particulates when subjected to heat, rendering it a more secure option for smoking.

What is the difference between glass and borosilicate or pyrex?

The creation of borosilicate pyrex involves the toughening of regular glass. This method of toughening amplifies its strength and resilience substantially. As a matter of fact, Pyrex has a robustness that is four to six times greater than that of standard glass, and it can withstand heat up to a temperature of 220°C.

Can you put water in a hand pipe?

Short answer, no. However, the elongated design of the mouthpiece on our bubblers improves the cooling and adds additional surface area, enhancing the duration and quality of your smoking session. With bubblers, you can add a small amount of water through the bowl or the mouthpiece until the lower part of the internal stem is submerged, giving you that extra filtration as you pull the smoke through the chamber.

Glass Hand Pipes

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