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We take great pride in offering you a comprehensive selection of delightful pipes and smoking devices at Glass Bongs Australia. As big advocates of achieving only the smoothest of tokes and the ultimate of rushes, we’re committed to supplying products of the highest quality and at prices that won’t give you a haemorrhage.

At Glass Bongs Australia, we stock a huge variety of sensory-pleasing pipes and accessories made from different materials to suit everyone’s pipe needs. Whether you’re looking for something compact and portable to take away with you to smoke up in new and exciting locations or you want something to really get your head spinning, we have everything you could ever hope for and more.

Choosing the right pipe for you is incredible easy and hassle-free when you have so many incredible industry-leading brands to choose from including Atomic, RAW, Half Baked, Marley Natural and many more. Our high-quality products include basic glass and metal pipes, silicone pipeswooden pipes, novelty pipes, spoon pipes, bubblers, steamroller pipespipe and grinder sets plus all your pipe tools and cleaning accessories will have you coming back time and time again to sample new and exciting materials, shapes, sizes and colours.

To fully grasp the gravity of what our online collection has to offer, speak to our smoking connoisseurs to gain valuable insight from their first-hand expertise. We’re always happy to assist in any way we can, make sure to contact us today for further information on our eclectic range of pipes available for sale online.

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