Bong Cleaners

Bong Cleaners

Bong Cleaners

Keep your bong looking frighteningly clean, shiny and beautiful with our sweet selection of bong cleaners at Glass Bongs Australia. We understand how hard it is to gather enough motivation to spend quality time cleaning your smoking instruments when all you want to do is kick-back, relax and light up again and again. However, by investing in our awesome bong cleaners, the process of keeping your bongs free of residue build up will no longer be an arduous and frustrating process but rather a quick, hassle-free and enjoyable one.

Our brilliant collection of bong cleaners has been purposely chosen to provide you with plenty of options when it comes to picking the right cleaner for your bong. All our cleaners are made from specifically sourced ingredients for optimised dissolving of resins and tars and are also odourless, tasteless and effortless. You can use these cleaners on a variety of materials including glass, ceramic, metal and many more and they won’t leave marks, scratches or residue. We stock a massive variety of cleaners from some of the industry’s leading brands including Formula 420, Formula 710, Bling and many more.

Stop avoiding the clean and fully embrace the practise as part of your smoking ritual with our bong cleaners. You’ll be enjoying cleaner, smoother and more desirable smokes time and time again by keeping up consistent cleaning habits. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to give some of your old, unused and dirty devices some TLC, so they look and perform exactly like new again. See what all the fuss is about and invest your time and money in our high-quality bong cleaners so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your herbs!

Learn more about how to keep your glass smoking devices clean, free from dirty built-up resin and sparkling fresh with these tips:

A very quick clean (moderate to heavily used glass)

Liquid salt cleaners are the best way to quickly clean your glass. Ensure you shake them thoroughly before use to ensure the salt is evenly dispersed. Squeeze out the cleaner into your glass, making sure to cover all surfaces. Shake your glass around for about a minute to release all of the resin from the glass. Thoroughly rinse all of the liquid from your glass after cleaning. If there is any remaining stubborn resin, you may need to soak it.

Deep Soak (heavily used glass)

Deep soaking in a powerful liquid cleaner for at least two hours will ensure you can remove all dry caked resin. You won’t need to shake vigorously or risk breaking your glass this way. Once the resin becomes one with the solution, rinse your glass out with hot water to remove remaining resin and chemicals.

Alcohol Wash (moderately used glass)

91-98% Isopropyl Alcohol is more affordable than any products designed specifically to clean glass. Using this in addition to salt as an abrasive will scrub any stubborn caked-on resin off.

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