Don't let your bongs become neglected and covered in nasty residue! When you don't take the time to clean them, their lifespan and performance will suffer. We get it – cleaning is not always the most enjoyable or sexy part of the smoking lifestyle. But we're here to make the process a whole lot easier with these six cleaning accessories from your favourite brands, such as Formula 420 and Piece Water Solution, bound to make the process much faster, easier, and less painful, so you can spend more time puffing and less time scrubbing.

1. Formula 420 - Original Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Bong Cleaner

Formula 420 - Original Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Bong Cleaner is the OG one-minute cleaner for glass, metal, Pyrex and ceramic bongs. It's our most requested bong cleaning answer because it's basic, consistent and quick to use. Its unique AbrasivAction technology means no more soaking, scrubbing or waiting around. All you have to do is pour some of the cleaner into your bong, shake it up and rinse it off. Then you'll get to experience a clean, smooth rip every time. Available in single, double, or four-pack bundles, Formula 420 is the best way to keep your glass bongs, pipes and bubblers on point. It's speedy-acting and simple to use, so you can get your bong looking brand new in no time. With its non-toxic formula, you won't have to worry about any harsh chemical smells or leftovers. Plus, it's safe to use on all types of glass and ceramic, so you don't have to stress about wrecking your pieces.

Formula 420 - Original Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Bong Cleaner

The Formula 420 Original Cleaner is the best-selling bong cleaner at Glass Bongs Australia because its efficient, fast and effective.

Price: $19.95

2. Piece Water Solution - All Natural Bong Water & Cleaner Alternative

Get your bong back to its squeaky-clean state while still having silky smooth tokes with Piece Water Solution - All Natural Bong Water & Cleaner Alternative! It's the all-natural way to keep your bong, rig or bubbler free of resin buildup and the need for harsh chemical cleaners. Just fill the bong to the desired level with the solution and enjoy it like you normally would. The 355ml bottle is enough to fill a 30cm bong six times over with 40 bowls with each fill. This magical formula is made with exclusive mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts that form a bond strong enough to trap and stop resin from forming. When it's time to switch it up, give it a quick rinse with tap water and you're all set. Plus, you can grab it in single, double or four-pack bundles.

Piece Water Solution - All Natural Bong Water & Cleaner Alternative

The Piece Water Solution - All Natural Bong Water & Cleaner Alternative keeps your bong cleaner for longer, so you can spend more time smoking and less time cleaning.

Price: $14.95

3. Formula 420 Cleaning Plugs

Get your Formula 420 solutions working for you with Silicone Cleaning Plugs - designed to fit your smoking pieces for a top-notch clean. Easy to use and mess-free, these are available in three sizes and three colours - blue, yellow and orange - so you can pick the ones that suit your bong or personal tastes. All you gotta do is measure the opening of your smoking device and pick the right plugs for your piece. Every packet comes with small, medium and large, so you can take care of all the smoking devices in your stash. And with these plugs you can keep your cleaning routine nice and simple, easy and mess-free. So, if you're a stoner, you know you gotta get these.

Formula 420 Silicone Cleaning Plugs

Formula 420 Cleaning Plugs help make the cleaning process easier by reducing the chance of spills or mess when using bong liquid cleaners such as Formula 420 Original Cleaner.

Price: $24.95

4. Formula 420 Cleaning Caps

Keep your bong and your other smoking accessories pristine with Formula 420 Cleaning Caps! These caps are made of food-grade silicone and come in two sizes, one small cap and one large cap, making it perfect for all your pieces. You don't have to worry about any leaks either - they provide a tight seal and they're air and water-tight. Plus, they're super durable and totally BPA-free, so you can use them over and over again. Cleaning your gear has never been easier - chill out and get it done fast with Formula 420 Cleaning Caps!

Formula 420 Cleaning Caps

Formula 420 Cleaning Caps work perfectly when you want to keep liquid cleaners inside of your smoking devices and prevent any leaks or spills.

Price: $14.95

5. Formula 420 Cleaning Wipes

If you're looking for a fast, easy way to clean up your glass pieces, Formula 420's Cleaning Wipes are the way to go! These convenient cotton wipes are perfect for getting rid of residue, fingerprints and any grime or dirt build up on your glass, metal and ceramic bongs, pipes and rigs. These small but powerful cotton wipes are the perfect answer for when you're in a rush or out and about - you can even keep them in your pocket for when you're on the go! Each box comes with 100, so you won't ever be stuck without one especially when you need it most.

Formula 420 Cleaning Wipes

Formula 420 Cleaning Wipes are small and handy cotton wipes that remove any grime, fingerprints or muck on your smoking devices for a cleaner smoke.

Price: $29.95

6. Formula 420 Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Formula 420 Bristle Pipe Cleaners are the perfect way to make sure those tough-to-reach areas of your bongs and smoking accessories are spotless. The bristles make it easy to remove even the most stubborn and thick tar buildups quickly and effectively - especially in the nooks and crannies of your devices. You get 44 cleaners in each bundle, each 15cm long with 100% cotton filler. They're also extra absorbent, so your cleaning job is a breeze!

Formula 420 Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Formula 420 Bristle Pipe Cleaners help remove caked on resin and build up in the hard to reach spots of your bong and smoking devices.

Price: $3.95

7. Firm Tip Bong Cleaning Brushes

Got an awkward spot on your bong that needs a good scour? Grab the Firm Tip Bong Cleaning Brushes (2 Pack) and get scrapin'! If you're looking to get all of the gunk out of those hard-to-reach spots of your bong, then this pack will be your new best friend. Its tough nylon bristles will carefully eliminate any remains, while the heavy-duty, galvanised twisted metal handle has a loop at the top so you can hang it up after use. To keep your bong in top condition and for the best smoking experience, make sure to use these bong cleaners and brushes regularly. It'll help clear out any debris and tar that sticks around and builds up, so you can have an even smoother toke. Best of all, you can pick from a variety of colours – white, black, rasta, and pink/purple – to find the perfect combo for your style.

Firm Tip Bong Cleaning Brushes (2 Pack)

The Firm Tip Bong Cleaning Brushes (2 Pack) is ideal for getting into those awkward spots of your bong where they need a good scrub and clean.

Price: $12.95

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