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Straight Tube Bongs

Straight Tube Bongs

Experience simplicity and classic styling the next time you smoke with our awesome collection of straight tube bongs at Glass Bongs Australia. Straight tube bongs ooze minimal, efficient and uniform characteristics that have made them one of the most popular bong styles on the market for a very long time. The classic long cylinder shape is more narrow and uniform in shape compared to other bongs producing a more controlled and smoother smoke every single time you rip. With less drag, you don’t have to pull as hard making it a perfect introductory bong for newbies or just simply an incredibly reliable device for the more experience user. Plus, a straight tube bong offers the advantage of customisation with the ability to add percolators for cooling and filtration.

At Glass Bongs Australia we understand everyone’s smoking needs and requirements are unique and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with a diverse selection of unique straight tube bongs to suit all. We’re stocked with all your favourite brands including Chongz, Bing Bongs, Half Baked, Jaxx USA and even our own range from Glass Bongs Australia. Whether you’re after glass, silicone or acrylic, a small or large device or our speciality bundle options, we have everything you want and desire. We also stock unique variations of the standard tube bong including dab and oil rigs, diffusor filtered, dual system, honeycomb filtered, percolator and recycler bongs to please the finer tastes of the experienced smoking connoisseur. 

Whether you’re looking for a brand new piece, replacing an old or unwanted device or looking to spice up your current setup with a more advanced or complex system, we’re sure you won’t have to shop anywhere else to find exactly what you’re after. Straight tube bongs is simple smoking at its best, try it today!

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