Oil & Dab Rigs

Premium Dab Rigs and Oil Rig Bongs for Sale in Australia

As you traverse the slippery path of self-discovery, making various enlightened stops along the way and experimenting with a myriad of tantalising smoking devices – you’re bound to stumble across one or two stand out moments where you were transported to a different time and place. One such apparatus that will be sure to take you to this glorious state of being is an oil rig bong – also known as a dab rig.

Dab rigs are speciality bongs that are designed for vaporising wax, oil concentrates and other such intoxicating substances. They’re more compact and portable than your typical glass bong, but they still deliver a powerful punch that will leave you sitting back and staring at the heavens with the answers to all of universe’s mysteries.

Our dab bongs make for the perfect travel companion

Due to its compact design, our cheap rigs are great for those looking to hit the road and take their trusted smoking apparatus along for the ride. Whether for a weekend away with the squad, a family holiday, or a business trip, you’ll never want to be too far from your hazy little companion. With numerous designs and dab bongs for sale, it’s safe to say that we’re Australia’s go to source when it comes to life-altering roor bongs, hookah and everything in between.

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