Payment Options

Glass Bongs Australia offers three payment options incuding POLi, Pay It Later and credit card to help make your shopping experience simple, quick and hassle-free.


POLi Payment Option

POLi is an online payment option that allows you to use your internet banking to securely pay for goods and services. It provides a seamless and secure payment experience by connecting you to your bank, without any registration needed.

Why use POLi?

• It's free. POLi does not charge you as a customer to use the service.

• Pay without a credit card. All you need is an internet bank account.

• No sign up. No extra passwords to remember, just choose POLi at the checkout.

• It's secure. POLi never stores any of your sensitive information.

• Instant receipt. You receive an immediate confirmation of your POLi Payment.

• It's simple. POLi auto fills the payment details for you making payment fast and easy.

How Do I Use POLi?

  1. Select POLi at checkout.
  2. After clicking 'Complete order' at the checkout, you will be redirected to POLi Internet Banking to complete your purchase securely.
  3. Log in to your bank, select your preferred account and confirm payment.

Visit for more information. Try a demo today!

Pay It Later

Pay off your purchase over four weeks with Pay It Later. Choose Pay It Later when completing your order. You will be redirected to Pay It Later where you will finalise your order and set up a plan of 4 payments over the next 4 weeks to pay off your purchase. Over the next 4 weeks, Pay It Later will keep in touch over email and let you know when your payments are due so you can ensure there are funds in your account for the payment schedule.

Why use Pay It Later?

• Purchase your product and make four payments over four weeks.

• No interests on purchases.

• Won't affect your credit score.

• Instant online approval.

How Do I Use Pay It Later?

  1. Select 'Pay It Later' at checkout.
  2. Make first payment and we will ship your order.
  3. Continue to make your weekly instalments until your balance is paid.

Visit Pay It Later for more information.

Credit Card

Credit Card Payment Options

We also accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. 

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