Flavoured Papers

Flavoured Papers

Transport yourself to flavour town and complement your herbs with a touch of sweetness via our vast collection of flavoured rolling papers. Our awesome selection of flavoured papers at Glass Bongs Australia provide you with an endless choice of unique, exotic and exciting tastes that will have your tastebuds dancing from start to finish of your next smoke.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our range of fruity favourites such as banana, cherry, watermelon and orange, explore new possibilities with less traditional variants including cotton candy, bubble-gum and Jamaican rum or please your darker and more intense sensations with chocolate and liquorice. Whatever your flavour, you’ll be spending plenty of time experimenting to find the tastiest and most delicious flavour to suit your next occasion.

With a solid range of various sizes and styles including pre-rolled cones, filter tips, rolls and blunt wraps from some of your favourite brands such as Juicy Jay’s, Cyclone, Skunk, Kingpin and more, we have everything you need to transcend into a new world bursting at the seams with flavour.

Not only do our flavoured papers enhance the taste of your smoke, but you’ll also be sharing your fun, new and outlandish flavour discoveries with your closest herb-loving buddies in no time!

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