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Higher Concepts

Higher Concepts Glass Cone Piece 14mm

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Higher Concepts

Higher Concepts Glass Cone Piece 14mm (3 Pack)

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Higher Concepts FAQ

What Is Higher Concepts?

Higher Concepts is a cannabis brand of unparalleled repute that boasts an exquisite line of bongs and smoking accessories. This illustrious brand has single-handedly transformed the smoking experience, thanks to their unrelenting commitment to quality. The brand's repertoire comprises of the most durable and elegant glass bongs, grinders, ash catchers, cone pieces and downstems, all of which are considered the epitome of sophistication in the smoking industry.

What's The Difference Between Higher Concepts And Other Brands?

Higher Concepts stands out among other bong brands due to their exceptional understanding of the intricate challenges that users face while selecting the ideal bong that aligns with their personal smoking preferences. Their exceptional range of exquisite Higher Concepts glass bongs not only fulfills but surpasses the expectations of both novices and connoisseurs of smoking. Their bongs are meticulously crafted using the finest quality Pyrex glass and are accessible in either a 5mm or 7mm thickness - a true exemplar of robustness. The solidity of these works of art is peerless, with an unwavering capability to endure extreme temperatures without a hint of splitting, cracking, warping, or bending. Higher Concepts is unparalleled when it comes to providing its customers with a range of complementing smoking accessories that will elevate their smoking experience to a whole new level of sophistication. From exquisite cone pieces to meticulously crafted downstems, from sleek ash catchers to premium grinders, Higher Concepts has it all, each adorned with their unmistakable insignia. Moreover, the same level of precision, care, and devotion that goes into crafting their magnificent bongs is equally evident in all their smoking essentials.

What Higher Concepts Bongs Are Popular?

The Higher Concepts collection offers a diverse range of shapes and styles to cater to every taste, making it a highly sought-after option. Their beaker bong and percolator bong series have gained immense popularity, with heights ranging from 22cm to 45cm and available in both clear and iridescent finishes. These bongs are known for their reliable performance, durability, and resilience and have earned a spot in the arsenal of every smoking connoisseur. The iridescent bongs are particularly striking, exhibiting a reflective pearl rainbow and blue.

Are Higher Concepts Bongs Expensive?

Higher Concepts offer a range of bongs and smoking accessories that are priced at a premium. This is due to the utilisation of top-notch materials, exquisite ergonomic designs, and unparalleled longevity. In particular, their bongs are renowned for producing impeccably silky, pristine, and velvety hits. Furthermore, their cone pieces, downstems, ash catchers, and grinders surpass all competition by delivering astounding levels of durability, consistency, and reliability. Whilst it's undeniable that investing in a Higher Concepts bong or accessory may require a little extra expenditure, it's worth considering that you're securing a long-lasting, uncompromising solution that is guaranteed to deliver unparalleled results.

Is Higher Concepts Exclusive To Glass Bongs Australia?

Glass Bongs Australia boasts the crown for being the paramount online bong shop across the country and exclusively houses the remarkable Higher Concepts. Nowhere else shall you witness such exquisite, refined and long-lasting smoking accessories as these.

Exquisite Higher Concepts Glass Bongs & Smoking Accessories At Glass Bongs Australia

Welcome to the world of Higher Concepts, the brand who has revolutionised the smoking experience with their exquisite range of bongs and smoking accessories, now available exclusively at Glas. . . Read More

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