Percolator Filtered Bongs

Get the Smoothest, Coolest Hit with our Cheap Percolator Bongs for Sale

Perco-what? For those well acquainted with this design, browse ahead and check out the range we have available! If you’ve never heard of a percolator bong, here’s the deal: percolators make use of an extra filtration chamber that is usually located within the main chamber or inside the tube leading to the mouthpiece. The design forces the smoke through the percolator as you inhale, which achieves two things. Firstly, it speeds up the cooling process and gives the smoke a far more pleasurable temperature as you take the hit. On top of that, it provides additional filtration to help remove carcinogens and other particles. The result? The smoothest, coolest toke you can possibly imagine.

It’s time for the percolator

Say goodbye to harsh hits that make your throat feel like hot sandpaper. Check out our selection of cheap percolator bongs and order yours to experience the silky-smooth smoke for yourself—but don’t be put off by the price. While we keep prices competitive, you can have no doubt that we stock nothing but the best bong designs to ensure you stay dizzy with delight. Shop with us and you’ll always be stocked up for a smoke whenever you need one.

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