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A weed grinder is like a best friend. Someone who won't let you down. Someone you can rely on at all times. Someone who will always be there for you. It's why many smokers believe having a reliable, trusty and durable bud grinder is almost as important as the herbs that go in it.

The main properties we look for in a new grinder for weed include whether it is made of high-quality materials, has a smooth grinding motion, features sharp and durable teeth, is sized for supreme functionality and doesn't stick.

With all these herb grinder characteristics to juggle, it can often be a daunting experience investing in your first weed grinder especially when there is so much choice with unique styles, shapes, materials and sizes to consider.

We break down some of the most popular herb grinder types and what you should look out for before you buy cheap grinders from a bong shop such as Glass Bongs Australia.

Types Of Herb Grinders

Herb grinders come in a host of unique materials. Choosing the right grinder for bud comes down to personal preference, the amount your grinding, how often you're using it and if it's for home use or your planning on taking it on the road.

We break down some of the most common types of grinders for sale, what you can expect to find at any smoking shop and discuss the pros and cons of each.


Acrylic grinder with cannabis

Despite being positioned towards the lower spectrum of quality and functionality, a plastic grinder can still effectively crush herbs in a pinch. An acrylic grinder, such as the Bud 2-Part Acrylic Grinder 50mm, offers a cost-effective solution for those in need of a portable grinder during their travels.

One of the main advantages of these cheap grinders is that they can be easily replaced if lost or damaged without significant financial burden as opposed to pricier counterparts. Additionally, the lightweight nature of an acrylic grinder provides an extra degree of discretion while also ensuring effortless portability.

Nonetheless, it's essential to mention that an acrylic grinder may develop dull teeth rapidly due to the challenge of crafting sharp and enduring edges with plastic. Additionally, the grinding teeth could become dull or chip from excessive usage.

That said, there are superior quality acrylic grinders available that won't break your budget when you're looking to buy a tobacco grinder. Among these are the exceptional range from Bud offered by Glass Bongs Australia, known for their ability to produce a finely ground product.

Benefits Of A Plastic Grinder

Learn about the best things about using an plastic grinder compared to other materials including:

  1. Affordability: An acrylic grinder typically comes with a more budget-friendly price tag. The affordability of an acrylic grinder combined with their reliability makes them an outstanding selection for individuals seeking a high-quality yet economical acrylic grinder.
  2. Lightweight and Portable: An acrylic grinder is known for its lightweight nature making it an ideal portable grinder. This feature of easy mobility amplifies their appeal among enthusiasts who prefer indulging in smoking sessions outdoors. The popularity of a lightweight grinder thus stems from its transport-friendly design.
  3. Transparent Design: A notable advantage of employing an acrylic grinder for herbs is its see-through style. This characteristic gives the user a clear visual on their herbs as they get processed, offering them mastery over the desired texture - whether fine or coarse.
  4. Easy to Clean: Maintaining an acrylic grinder is a breeze. The non-porous nature of an acrylic grinder makes it simple to remove any residues, ensuring an immaculate acrylic grinder ready for every use. This not only enhances but also elevates the entire smoking experience.
  5. Variety of Designs: Acrylic grinders are available in an array of colours, artistic patterns and sizes such as a mini herb grinder. This variety offers users the advantage of selecting an acrylic grinder that genuinely mirrors their individual taste and style.

Drawbacks Of An Acrylic Grinder

There are a number of negatives associated with using an acrylic grinder, including:

  1. Less Sharp: An acrylic grinder traditionally possess blades that are not as sharp as metal grinders. This characteristic may result in a less efficient process of grinding cannabis or tobacco. Consequently, it's potentially less suitable for users who have a preference for finely ground botanicals. Therefore, the acrylic grinder may not be an ideal choice for such users.
  2. Durability Concerns: Acrylic grinders do possess a commendable durability. However, when compared to their metal or aluminum counterparts, they might not exhibit the same level of robustness. With regular usage over time, a acrylic grinder may experience cracks or even breakages.
  3. Static Build-Up: The acrylic grinder can accumulate static electricity. This phenomenon could lead to the herbs adhering to its sides. The aftermath could be a potential wastage of herbs and added complexity in maintaining the cleanliness of the acrylic herb grinder.
  4. Health Concerns: Concerns have been voiced by some users regarding the acrylic grinder, specifically about the possibility of minute plastic fragments detaching and blending with the herbs during the grinding process. This situation could potentially lead to health hazards if these particles are inadvertently consumed or inhaled.
  5. Lack of Premium Feel: While a metal grinder or wooden grinder may exude a more luxurious aura, an acrylic grinder might not replicate the same high-end sensation. For some herb enthusiasts, the act of grinding herbs with an acrylic grinder is as crucial as the utilisation of the herb itself. However, they might find these plastic devices slightly lacking in providing a gratifying experience.
  6. Limited Designs: Acrylic grinders, despite their wide range of designs, may not deliver the same level of elegance and personalisation that their metal or wooden counterparts do. Some users lean towards one-of-a-kind designs that mirror their personal taste, a feature that may be less achievable with an acrylic herb grinder.


Metal weed grinder with cannabis

Metal weed grinders are easily the most popular type weed grinders for sale on the Australian market. Just about every smoking brand will stock metal grinders as they're cheap, sturdy and more reliable than lower priced acrylic grinders. Whatever your budget, it is always possible to find a metal grinder to suit your grinding needs.

A metal herb grinder, such as the Bud 4-Part Aluminium Grinder 60mm, is perfect if you're new to cannabis smoking because they're easy to use and are long-lasting. The cost-effectiveness of an metal weed grinder also appeals to the regular smoker because you can never have too many metal grinders lying around the house, right?

A somewhat uncommon issue with metal grinders, but should be noted, is how the metal is porous and soft making the metal grinder not as durable, long-lasting and more prone to rust and general wear and tear. Low quality metal grinding teeth can also become blunt over time making it not the best long-term solution if your constantly grinding.


Discover the wonderful benefits of using a metal weed grinder including:

  1. Durability: Metal grinders are commonly crafted from superior materials like aluminum or stainless steel. This not only amplifies their sturdiness but also enhances their longevity in comparison to acrylic grinders.
  2. Efficient Grinding: With its sharp and well-designed teeth, a metal grinder offers a superior grinding process. This provides a uniform and consistent grind, making it the perfect tool for both cannabis and tobacco. The efficiency of this metal herb grinder is unmatched, ensuring your herbs are ground to perfection every time.
  3. Premium Feel: The aesthetic appeal and superior touch of metal grinders often amplify the experience of grinding and utilising herbs. This premium quality is what often sets metal herb grinders apart, enhancing your overall experience.
  4. Easy to Clean: Maintaining the cleanliness of a metal grinder is refreshingly straightforward due to its impenetrable structure. This characteristic simplifies the expulsion of any leftover matter, guaranteeing a pristine grinding experience with each use.
  5. Less Static Build-Up: Unlike acrylic grinders, metal herb grinders do not build up static, which means the ground herb won't cling to the grinder. This results in less waste and a cleaner grinding process.
  6. Healthier Choice: Metal herb grinders are often considered a healthier choice as they don't carry the risk of shedding small plastic particles into the ground herb, unlike some plastic or acrylic grinders.
  7. Variety of Designs: Metal herb grinders come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours. Some even have added features like a pollen catcher, which can enhance the overall functionality of the grinder.
  8. Sharpness: The teeth of a metal herb grinder are often sharper and more durable. This means they can grind herbs more thoroughly and efficiently, providing a better overall grind.

Drawbacks Of Metal Grinders

Learn about the common barriers associated with using a metal grinder including:

  1. Wear and Tear: Metal grinders can deteriorate with time, particularly if they lack appropriate upkeep. This could occasionally result in metal fragments infiltrating your cannabis or tobacco, despite this being an uncommon event. The durability and maintenance of a metal grinder are pivotal to its longevity and overall performance.
  2. Cost: The upfront expense of a metal grinder might surpass that of an acrylic grinder or wooden grinder. Yet, considering their longevity and productivity, metal grinders could emerge as a more economical selection over time. Nevertheless, for budget-conscious individuals, the initial investment might pose a challenge.
  3. Maintenance: Maintaining a metal grinder necessitates routine cleaning to ensure their optimal functioning. However, this could become tedious and might not suit those who favor a more carefree maintenance routine.
  4. Weight: Metal grinders tend to carry more weight compared to other variants like acrylic grinders. This added heft may result in them being less mobile and potentially inconvenient for individuals who have a preference for carrying their metal grinder with them while traveling.


Ground cannabis with filled joints

A wooden herb grinder is not only aesthetically pleasing but they are long-lasting and feel great in your hands with every grind. The best thing about a wood herb grinder is how they look. Many brands, such as Bud and Marley Natural, create gorgeous designs finished with intricate details, patterns and curves. They're extremely stylish, high-performing and match the earthy materials of your herbs perfectly. Plus, they make a wonderful gift for a fellow smoking friend or loved one.

Benefits Of Wooden Grinders

  1. Aesthetics and Natural Appeal: Wood grinders, such as the Bud 3-Part Wood Grinder, deliver an air of elegance and timeless appeal to your collection of smoking essentials, similar to their metal counterparts. The unique patterns carved into the wood exhibit every grinder as a distinct masterpiece, demonstrating a visual allure that's as distinctive as the etchings on metal herb grinders.
  2. Durability: Unlike their plastic counterparts, wood grinders excel in providing outstanding durability and long-lasting performance. These herb grinders are designed to withstand frequent use and resist wear and tear, outperforming even metal herb grinders in longevity.
  3. Non-Toxic: Unlike a metal grinder, a wood grinder is made from a substance that is not toxic. Therefore, using a wooden herb crusher ensures no harmful residues are left in your ground herbs. This factor positions wood grinders as a healthier choice when it comes to the processing of cannabis and tobacco.
  4. Preserves Trichomes: Wood grinders treat cannabis with the utmost gentleness. By preserving the trichomes, these wood herb grinders not only maintain but enhance the potency of the herb, ensuring an improved smoking experience.
  5. No Static Build-Up: Contrary to plastic grinders, wood grinders utilized for herbs don't accumulate static electricity. This characteristic halts your ground herbs from adhering to the grinder's surface.
  6. Unique Grinding Experience: Wood grinders offer a distinctive grinding experience. The grinding components of these wood grinders are usually not as sharp as those found in their metal counterparts, leading to a rougher grind that some enthusiasts find preferable.

Drawbacks Of Wooden Grinders

  1. Prone to Wear and Tear: In contrast to their metal or acrylic counterparts, a wood grinder is more susceptible to degradation over time. This wooden herb pulverizer doesn't boast the same durability and may swiftly succumb to damage if not meticulously handled.
  2. Absorbs Smell: Being porous in nature, a wood grinder can absorb the aroma of the herbs. Over time, this could result in an enduring scent that may become less than agreeable.
  3. Lack of Kief Collection: The majority of wood grinders for herbs lack a kief accumulation compartment, which is viewed as a considerable drawback by some users. Kief, an exceptionally potent component of the cannabis plant, holds the potential to amplify the overall smoking experience significantly.
  4. Not as Efficient: A wood grinder, specifically designed for herbs, may not yield as fine a grind compared to its metal or acrylic counterparts. Consequently, this could lead to a less optimal extraction of the active elements from the herbs.
  5. Harder to Clean: The inherent porous characteristic of a wood grinder makes it more challenging to maintain its cleanliness compared to grinders made from acrylic and metal. The small pores within the wood tend to trap residue, which could potentially deteriorate the performance of the wood herb grinder over time.
  6. Risk of Contamination: Wood grinders, particularly those intended for herbs, may inadvertently introduce the risk of contamination. There's a chance that tiny fragments of wood could blend with the finely ground herb, creating an undesirable mix for consumption.


Weed Grinder With Cannabis Buds

Ceramic coated herb grinders are a wonderful option if you're sick and tired of your herb sticking and bringing your grind to a complete halt. Made with a ceramic coating material, these grinders are the perfect choice if you're looking for a smooth, reliable and consistent grind.

Brands such as a SLX grinder specialise in crafting beautiful looking ceramic coated grinders that function extremely well, especially if you're grinding a higher volume of herbs regularly.

Although they function great, ceramic coated grinders can be more expensive than your ordinary aluminum grinder. But, it's worth it if you've reached breaking point with a sticky, frigid and slow-moving grinder.

Benefits Of Ceramic Grinders

  1. Less Abrasive Grinding: A grinder with a ceramic coating, like the SLX v2.5 Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder 62mm, provides a less harsh method of grinding compared to those made from metal or aluminum. Such a ceramic coated grinder guarantees that the herbs undergo minimal damage during grinding, thus safeguarding their superior quality and overall strength.
  2. Durability: Herb grinders with a ceramic coating are recognised for their robustness, outperforming other alternatives like acrylic grinders. The consistent efficiency and effectiveness of the ceramic coated grinder are maintained due to the resilience it gains from the ceramic coating, even after prolonged use.
  3. Smooth Grinding Experience: The ceramic coated grinder ensures an unparalleled smoothness during the grinding process. This makes the task of prepping herbs not only less laborious but also more enjoyable.
  4. Easy to Clean: Grinders coated in ceramic are not only easy to cleanse but are fundamental for any herb processing needs. Such a clean ceramic coated grinder assures that the unique aroma and flavor of the herb remains unadulterated, free from any remnants of past uses.
  5. No Absorption of Odors or Flavours: The ceramic coated grinder is non-absorbent, signifying it does not soak up any odors or flavors. This guarantees that each use of this herb grinder provides a pure, undisturbed taste and aroma.
  6. Improved Potency and Taste: The utilisation of a ceramic coated grinder can significantly elevate the strength and flavour of both cannabis and tobacco. By grinding, you expand the surface area of the herb, which in turn releases more aromatic molecules. This process also results in a refined texture that promotes superior combustion, leading to a smoother smoking experience.
  7. Efficiency and Convenience: A ceramic coated grinder elevates the efficiency and convenience of herb preparation to a new level. This essential tool ensures a uniform size and texture in your herbs, making them more manageable and easier to handle.
  8. Cost Savings: Utilising a ceramic coated grinder can aid in the preservation of your herb product, which ultimately leads to notable cost savings over time. By employing this type of grinder for your herbs, every particle can be used to its maximum potential, thereby minimising wastage.

Drawbacks Of Ceramic Grinders

  1. Weight: Despite the numerous advantages of a ceramic coated grinder, its material makeup can result in a weightier product compared to other grinder variants. Consequently, this could compromise its portability, making it somewhat more challenging to transport.
  2. Cost: The high-end characteristics of a ceramic coated grinder, including the non-stick ceramic layer, potent grinding capability, and long-lasting resilience, typically carry a steeper cost. Consequently, this might not be the ideal option for budget-conscious individuals.
  3. Cleaning: The ceramic coated grinder's design reduces the need for regular cleaning, but when necessary, the procedure could be somewhat intricate. The non-stick surface of this herb grinder might make dislodging any trapped particles a bit more challenging.
  4. Durability: While a ceramic coated grinder offers substantial durability, it's prone to chips or cracks if dropped or mishandled. Precautions must be taken to guarantee the long-lasting nature of this herb grinder.
  5. Limited Designs: The variety in design or color options might be limited when it comes to ceramic coated grinders, particularly those intended for grinding herbs. This scarcity could potentially restrict the customisation possibilities for users seeking a personalised ceramic coated grinder experience.


Stainless steel weed grinder with ground cannabis

A stainless steel grinder is without a doubt the highest quality grinder material available. A stainless steel grinder is heavier and more expensive than aluminum but it's a material guaranteed to last you for many years to come.

The stainless steel grinder usually boasts a unique thread design that encompasses multi-leads that line up to prevent cross-threading and allows for quarter to half turns to disassemble.

A stainless steel grinder, with its extremely sharp and durable teeth, will crush large, dense and dry buds with a few quick twists. Even if if you like your weed sticky, you won't have any issues grinding with a stainless steel grinder as your herb will shake loose with ease.

What’s more, a stainless steel grinder is easy to clean! If you've got the money to spend and in need of a grinder that will survive everything you throw at it, we couldn't recommend a stainless steel grinder more.

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Grinders

  1. Durability: When it comes to durability, stainless steel grinders for herbs are in a league of their own. The hardness inherent in a stainless steel grinder, such as the Higher Concepts 4-Part Stainless Steel Grinder, ensures that it doesn't lose its edge or suffer from chipping as time goes by, unlike its aluminum counterparts. This makes the stainless steel grinder an enduring choice for grinding substances like cannabis and tobacco.
  2. Improved Health Safety: Opting for a stainless steel grinder is regarded as a safer alternative for grinding tobacco and herbs. In comparison to aluminum grinders, which may contaminate the finely ground herb with minuscule flakes, a stainless steel grinder eliminates this risk. This emphasises why choosing a stainless steel herb grinder can be seen as a healthier decision.
  3. Ease of Cleaning: The convenience of a stainless steel grinder is underscored by its ease of cleaning. Models like the Higher Concepts 4-Part Stainless Steel Grinder, reinforce this convenience, with some even being dishwasher-friendly. The simplicity and practicality in maintaining cleanliness make stainless steel grinders a superior choice.
  4. Quality Grinding: Renowned for their superior grinding capabilities, stainless steel grinders like the Higher Concepts Stainless Steel Grinder is celebrated for providing a smoother and finer grind. These stainless steel herb grinders are recognised for their exceptional quality in grinding performance.
  5. Variety of Sizes: Grinders made from stainless steel are available in a wide range of sizes, adeptly addressing various grinding requirements and tastes. This flexibility enables users to select the stainless steel grinder that perfectly aligns with their demands.
  6. Design Details: Certain stainless steel grinders for herbs, such as the Higher Concepts Stainless Steel Grinder, are imbued with ingenious design elements. One such feature includes a stainless steel ball bearing that significantly improves the grinding process. This detail makes using the stainless steel grinder a more enjoyable experience.

Drawbacks Of Stainless Steel Grinders

  1. Weight: Grinders made of stainless steel often carry a heavier weight compared to their counterparts constructed from different materials. This added mass may make the stainless steel grinder slightly less easy to transport and more challenging to operate, particularly for individuals dealing with wrist or hand ailments.
  2. Cost: Often commanding a higher price tag, a stainless steel grinder can potentially dissuade those maintaining a budget or infrequent users of herb grinders. Despite its elevated cost, it's worth noting that this type of grinder is arguably superior to its plastic or other metal alternatives.
  3. Potential Damage to Herbs: Just as with other metal-based grinders, the stainless steel grinder can also potentially interfere with the trichomes on herbs. This may influence the end product's quality and potency, similar to how a stainless steel herb grinder might.
  4. Limited Design Options: Typically, stainless steel grinders designed for herbs feature conventional styles and do not provide the same breadth of color or pattern choices compared to those constructed from different materials. This could be viewed as a disadvantage for individuals who have a penchant for devices that are both personalised and aesthetically attractive.
  5. Increased Herb Consumption: Given their ability to produce an exceptionally fine grind, stainless steel grinders might contribute to a rise in herb usage. This is predominantly because enthusiasts often load more finely milled herbs into their smoking apparatus, a task that the stainless steel herb grinder accomplishes with remarkable efficiency.


Placing cannabis into a herb grinder

The electric grinder might not be as conveniently mobile as its counterparts, but its superior performance in grinding your herbs rapidly and efficiently is unmatched, making it an exceptional choice. This innovative device saves you both time and valuable bud by chopping all your herbs into a perfect consistency within seconds.

It often features a pulse button, offering precise control over the grind quality, allowing you to transform your herbs into a soft, fluffy texture that is impossible with manual grinders. Also, an added advantage of using an electric grinder is that any residual dust typically accumulates in the lid for easy collection.

Benefits Of Electric Grinders

  1. Efficiency and Speed: An electric grinder is a powerful tool that can pulverise both cannabis and tobacco more swiftly than their manual counterparts. This feature becomes particularly beneficial for individuals who are tasked with crushing substantial quantities of herbs in a short span of time.
  2. Ease of Use: Operating an electric grinder, specifically for herbs, is as simple as pushing a button. This is incredibly advantageous for individuals living with conditions like arthritis that render manual grinding tasks tougher. It's the ease provided by the electric herb grinders that truly sets them apart.
  3. Consistent Grind: An electric grinder for herbs often yields a more uniform grind compared to manual methods. This can result in a smoother, more evenly burning smoking experience.
  4. Reduced Waste: Utilising an electric grinder for your herbs substantially minimises the risk of spillage or wastage. This device is designed with a compartment that gathers the finely processed herbs, facilitating a loss-free transfer and ensuring you get the most out of your herbs.
  5. Versatility: Various electric grinders, specially designed for herbs, incorporate adaptable configurations. These features provide you the liberty to regulate the granularity of the grind according to your requirements. It proves to be beneficial when you're preparing a joint, filling a pipe, or utilising a vaporizer. This aspect adds an extra layer of convenience and customisation, making your experience with the electric grinder more tailored and efficient.
  6. Convenience: Choosing an electric grinder, specifically for herbs, is a smart decision for those who prioritise ease and efficiency. This device takes on all the grinding tasks, liberating your time and energy for other important endeavours.
  7. Cleanliness: Utilising an electric grinder for herbs can usher in a more sanitary method compared to traditional hand grinding. As the contraption takes on the task, it ensures your hands and digits remain untainted and devoid of adhesive resin.

Drawbacks Of Electric Grinders

  1. High Cost: Electric grinders for herbs generally command a higher price than their manual counterparts. This upfront cost might not be fitting for all, particularly those keeping a close eye on their budget.
  2. Power Dependency: Inherent in its name, the electric grinder necessitates an energy source to function. This characteristic can pose a hindrance if you aim to utilize the grinder in an environment devoid of power, thereby diminishing its portability.
  3. Less Control on Grinding: An electric grinder may produce a consistent size when grinding herbs, which may not always be to your preference. However, with a manual grinder, you have the flexibility of determining the coarseness or fineness of the grind. The degree of control that comes with choosing your desired grind size might not be achievable using an electric grinder.
  4. Durability Concerns: Electric grinders, specifically those designed for herbs, embody intricate mechanisms and electronic features which might not possess the same longevity as manual versions. These electric grinder models are susceptible to wear-and-tear or functional mishaps, and the expenses incurred in their repair or replacement can be hefty.
  5. Cleaning Difficulty: The complexities of cleaning an electric grinder, especially those designed for herbs, are primarily due to their electronic parts. These components prevent the device from being fully submerged in water during the cleaning process, subsequently making it somewhat intricate and time-consuming.
  6. Noise: The operation of electric grinders, particularly those for herbs, can often result in a substantial amount of noise. This might pose an inconvenience, notably for those who value tranquility in their environment.
  7. Over-Grinding Risk: Electric grinders, particularly those designed for herbs, occasionally have the downside of excessively pulverising the herbs, thereby diminishing their strength. This drawback is attributed to the rapid-action blades inherent in an electric grinder. These blades can create warmth, potentially leading to a decrease in some of the vital oils found within the herbs.


Herb grinder varieties stand out due to their diverse sizes, each providing a distinct role for the consumer. Each herb grinder delivers peculiar functions that are unique to its size, enhancing the user's experience.


2 piece herb grinder

The 2 piece grinder is a top-notch hand herb grinder for pulverising cannabis and tobacco effortlessly and proficiently. This hand grinder boasts compactness and portability, making it an excellent selection for individuals who value mobility and simplicity in operation.

The design of the 2 piece grinder, such as the Bud 2-Part Acrylic Grinder 50mm, typically includes two interconnected parts with razor-sharp teeth arranged to smoothly slice through herbs once the pieces are rotated. The primary advantage of a 2-piece grinder is the simplicity it offers in cleaning due to the lack of extra compartments.

However, its limitations, such as not offering a distinct compartment for kief collection- a powerful concentration of trichomes from the cannabis plant, cannot be ignored. Even with these constraints, choosing a 2-piece grinder stands as an exceptional option for those aiming for efficiency and user-friendliness in grinding herbs.


Cannabis alongside a weed grinder

The 3 piece herb grinder, a handy tool often employed for the grinding of cannabis and tobacco, boasts enhanced functionality compared to its 2-piece herb grinder counterpart. As implied by its name, this 3 piece grinder incorporates three main parts: the lid, the grinding compartment, and the collection area.

The lid is equipped with sharp teeth that proficiently pulverise and grind the herbs into the designated grinding sector. Following this process, the finely ground herbs are transferred into the collection chamber through strategically placed holes designed specifically for this function.

The 3 piece grinder, such as the Bud 3-Part Wood Grinder, is widely recognised for not only offering a more expansive area for grinding materials but also for its unique feature of segregating the finely ground herbs from the potent particles, often referred to as 'kief'. This collected kief at the base of the 3 piece grinder holds significant potency and can be separately utilised for an elevated experience.

The particular design of this grinder allows users superior control and efficiency while also improving material separation, thereby refining the entire grinding operation. This is why the 3 piece grinder has gained notable popularity.


Cannabis buds and metal grinder

A 4 piece grinder, such as the Bud 4-Part Aluminium Grinder 60mm, is an incredibly practical instrument for pulverising cannabis and tobacco. This form of grinder, often characterised by its multiple herb grinder components, includes three sections and a lid, thus earning its name.

The uppermost compartment of the 4 piece grinder houses the herbs, where they undergo a thorough grinding process by sharp teeth. This ensures an even and high-quality grind every time. The ground herbs are then collected in the middle section on a pollen screen, making for a simple collection procedure.

The hallmark characteristic of a 4 piece grinder, specifically designed for herbs, is its third compartment. This particular segment, frequently known as the pollen catcher, meticulously gathers the most refined particles of the herbs, commonly identified as kief. These particles carry a higher potency and can be separately utilized to intensify one's experience.

The 4 piece grinder stands out as the perfect choice for those intending to fully exploit their herbs' capabilities while relishing an effective and orderly grinding procedure.


Weed grinder with ground cannabis and joints

The 5 piece grinder serves as an advanced and intricate device for pulverising cannabis and tobacco. This style of herb crusher, usually more extensive and multifaceted, provides users with an extra level of filtration and division. Just like its 4 piece counterpart, the 5 piece grinder is equipped with herb grinder parts including a grinding compartment, a gathering chamber, and a kief catcher.

Nonetheless, the 5 piece grinder incorporates an added screen that distinctively segregates fine kief from its coarser counterpart, ensuring a more refined collection. This extra feature of grinder screens significantly boosts the herb grinder's effectiveness and functionality, making it an optimum selection for discerning users who place high importance on quality and precision in their herb preparation.


Although it's a brief breakdown of the various types, styles and sizes of weed grinders you can typically find at any smoke shop, we hope this helps you on your journey to finding the perfect herb grinder for you. Browse Glass Bongs Australia's massive range of weed grinders and you're guaranteed to find something to suit your needs.

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