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  • Cone pieces are an essential part of a bong and play a crucial role in a smooth and seamless smoking experience.
  • Cone pieces come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. We guide you on how to choose the right cone piece for your bong.
  • Packing your cone piece with cannabis correctly can enhance your smoking session so you taste the full flavour profile of your chosen strains.
  • All bongs at Glass Bongs Australia come with a cone piece and downstem.

A cone piece, also known as a bowl, is an integral cog in the bong smoking machine. Not only do they play a pivotal role in producing smooth and flavourful hits but they help make the overall bong smoking experience easy and hassle-free. They provide a safe and comfortable haven for your ground cannabis to sit and be ignited for a delicious and extraordinary bong rip.

If you're new to bong smoking or need a refresher on what cone pieces are, how to use them and which one will suit your new bong or rig, this will provide you with everything you need to know about cone pieces.


Woman Holding A Teal Glass Cone Piece

A cone piece, also known as a bowl, is essential for a smooth bong smoking experience. It is a removable attachment used to hold your ground cannabis. It’s inserted into the downstem which is placed through a hole directly into the chamber holding water.

Many cone pieces are removable making them easy to use and clean after use. They are made from a variety of materials with glass and metal being the most popular as they’re heat-resistant and extremely durable.

Removable cone pieces allow you to easily customise your rig with new and exciting colours, shapes and designs. Plus, they’re quick and easy to replace if one breaks or is overused.


Woman holding a funnel glass cone piece

Cone pieces are generally made from glass or metal. The cone piece needs to withstand extreme temperatures as it comes into direct contact with heat and therefore is made from heat-resistant glass or metal. Glass cone pieces perform better than metal as they’re cleaner and don’t allow any nasty properties or chemicals invading your smoke.

Glass cone pieces are often thicker making them easier to handle (especially when they’re hot) and produce smooth, even and more flavourful tasting rips. Despite glass being able to withstand intense temperatures, they can be fragile and fall victim to breakages due to mishandling or accidentals drops. Whereas metal cone pieces can cope with rough handling and usage. 


Woman showing off a clear funnel glass cone piece

Think back to the chat with your parents about the birds and the bees. It’s really that simple. Male cone pieces have a joint that can be inserted inside of female joint such as a downstem. Whereas a female cone piece has a wide opening that is placed on top of a male joint most commonly seen on dab rigs.


Woman placing a glass cone piece in bong

Cone pieces come in a variety of sizes and choosing the right one for your bong is critical for a quality bong rip. First, you must conclude what gender cone piece you require for your bong. If your bong and downstem has a female joint, you’ll be needing a male cone piece. Whereas if your bong or rig has a male joint, you’ll want to choose a female cone piece.

The next step is to measure the diameter of the joint you’re placing your cone piece into or onto. The three sizes you’ll most likely come across are 10mm, 14mm and 18mm with 14mm being the most common. 10mm will be on smaller bongs whereas 18mm are mostly on larger bongs or rigs. Once you’ve measured that, you’ll know what size cone piece you’ll require and it should fit comfortably inside or on top, depending on the gender of the joint.


Woman with a cone piece packed with cannabis

Packing a cone piece is the first step to ripping the perfect bong. Simply grind your cannabis to a fluffy, even and light consistency. Pack as much or as little of the herb (or as much as your cone piece allows) into the cone piece. Start off by pressing your cannabis into the bowl lightly and then press the remainder of your herb more firmly. This will allow for a more consistent and even burn ensuring you don’t waste any of your precious product and enjoy a tasty and full-bodied smoke.


All bongs at Glass Bongs Australia come with a cone piece and downstem that fit that specific bong. This means you can let it rip as soon as the package arrives on your doorstep. We always recommend to have a few cone pieces and downstems extra for safe-keeping just in case you experience accidental breakages. You never want the clock to strike 4:20pm and be without a cone piece now, would you?

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