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Cone Loaders

Cone Loaders

Work smarter not harder with our superb collection of high-quality, durable and reliable cone loaders at Glass Bongs Australia. Cone loaders completely take out all the hard work associated with rolling your own, allowing you to easily roll a cone and fit it in one handy device. Be the king or queen of efficiency and impress all your smoking enthusiast buddies by maximising your production volume and reducing the wait-time between filling your cones.

Whether you’re rolling for a bunch of your mates for your next party or are just simply sick and tired of the hassle that comes with rolling your own, we’re sure you will not regret making an investment in one of our many cone loaders. We stock a huge variety of unique cone loaders which all have their own distinctive designs, functions and features from all your favourite top-notch brands including RAW, Atomic, Buddies and more. They fill all different sizes of cones, from 1 ¼ to King Size, so you can easily find the right loader to suit your preferences.

Not only will they save you time and keep your stress-levels at a minimum, they’ll also save you money by keeping all your of your favourite herbs in one place so you don’t lose any precious product to accidental spillages. Enjoy beautifully crafted cones en masse by exploring our wonderful collection of cone loaders at Glass Bongs Australia today!

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