Elements is an industry leader for all your smoking needs and Glass Bongs Australia is happy to offer you their wide range of rolling papers and accessories. Whether you’re looking to restock your paper supplies, expand your horizons and try something new or on the hunt for a particular piece to complete your smoking setup, we have the right Elements product for you.

Elements is renown for their rolling papers which are made from natural and earthy materials. The paper burns with almost zero ash except for the natural sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns. Each sheet is imprinted with their propriety crisscross watermark that prevents runs and allows for a slow and even burn. Made in Alcoy, Spain, the birthplace of rolling papers, Elements rolling papers are designed to burn incredibly clean and won’t alter the taste of your smoke.

We stock a massive range of unique styles of Elements rolling papers including their classic rice papers and special Red hemp papers plus they come in a variety of sizes from your standard 1 ¼ to Oversized and everything in between. Their papers feature the ‘perfect fold’ making rolling incredibly simple and come in awesome packaging featuring a magnet to keep your papers fresh at all times.

Not only do Elements provide a grand collection of quality rolling papers but they also offer all the fittings to make your rolling experience second to none. From rolling trays, rolling machines and scoop cards to paper tip and filter combos, paper rolls and pre-rolled cones, Elements have everything under the sun to enhance your next smoke from the mundane to the unforgettable. Complete your smoking lifestyle with their great choice of ashtrays and storage tins so you can keep your products clean, safe and away from harm.

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