Dabbing Mats

Dabbing Mats

No dabbing setup is fully complete without a trusty, durable and resilient dabbing mat. At Glass Bongs Australia we know the importance of owning a high-quality dabbing mat and believe they’re truly your best friend when handling extracts.

Dab with confidence knowing your precious surfaces, such as your beloved coffee table, are protected from any nasty spillages or dripping residue. From hardy, heat-resistant and reusable non-stick silicone mats to your classic parchments papers and pouches, our high-quality mats will prevent any waxy oils and concentrates from leaking or staining your surroundings.

Not only do our mats protect your surfaces, but they’re almost like a coaster for your rig. They’re sticky properties ensure your setup won’t slip and slide all over the place and can be utilised to hold your dabbing tools when not in use. By keeping your rig clean and organised with a dabbing mat, you can truly enjoy the benefits of your product without a worry in the world.

Whether you've just walked onto the dabbing scene or have been in the game for a while, our solid selection of the finest dabbing mats from some of the most reputable brands including RAW, Buddies, Atomic and many others, has you covered when it comes to the most reliable and easy-to-use dabbing mats!

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