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Higher Concepts Glass Cone Piece 14mm

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How To Measure Your Bong Joint Size and Gender

Measuring the joint size of your bong and its parts is a straightforward process that can be down with a ruler in less than one minute.

Your Guide To Cone Pieces

Need a refresher on cone pieces? We explore how to use them, which one will suit your new bong and everything else you need to know about cone pieces.

Your Complete Guide To Ash Catchers

Dive into the world of ash catchers and uncover their potential to elevate your bong smoking experience.

Bong Parts FAQ

What Is A Cone Piece?

A cone piece, also known as a bowl, is the part of your bong or rig that holds your cannabis. It is often round, hallow and removable to let you clear the chamber and draw in smoke. Cone pieces are essential to bong smoking and come in a variety of sizes, materials and genders depending on your bong's requirements and personal preferences.

What Is A Downstem?

A downstem is an attachment that connects your cone piece or bowl to the main chamber of your bong. Downstems provide suction and help pull smoke into the water chamber before you inhale. They come in a variety of sizes, lengths and materials depending on your bong requirements and personal tastes. Downstems can either be removable or fixed. Removable downstems are easier to clean and can be replaced quickly if one breaks. Fixed downstems are more difficult to clean as they sit inside your bong and are often hard-to-reach.

What Is An Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is an attachment for your bong which adds another level of filtration for a smoother, tastier and more enjoyable smoke. An ash catcher has two joints with one attached to your rig and the other where your cone piece sits. The ash catcher acts as another filter to prevent ash from entering your bong, resin building up and therefore ensuring your bong stays cleaner for longer. Ash catchers are generally easier to clean than entire rigs and are a popular choice for many smokers.

What Is The Difference Between A Male And Female Joint?

Female joints are the most common style of joint you will see in bongs and downstems at Glass Bongs Australia. A female joint has a wide opening allowing for a male joint to be inserted inside of it. For example, a standard cone piece with a male joint will fit comfortably inside of a female joint. Male joints are the most common for accessories. Most of our cone pieces and ash catchers have male joints enabling them to be inserted into female joints found on most of our bongs. Male joints on bongs are not as common however they can be found on many dab rigs as in-built stems. This means many of our dabbing accessories such as bangers and nails come in female varieties which rest on top of the male joint.

How Do I Measure Joint Sizes?

It's important to measure your joint at its widest point. To measure the width of a female joint, simply measure the inner diameter at the top of the joint as this will need to sit flush on top of a male joint. To measure the width of a male joint, you need to measure the outer diameter of the widest part of the joint. There may be some slight variations between different joints, however the measurement closest to 10mm, 14mm or 18mm will be the correct size of the joint.

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