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How To Clean A Bong Fast (& Effectively)

We walk you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your bong, revealing a whole new world of smoking satisfaction that you've been longing for.

7 Accessories You Need For A Clean Bong

We reveal seven accessories you need to ensure your bong cleaning process is quick, safe and effective. With these extras, you'll spend less time cleaning and more time puffing.

How Do I Clean My Bong With Formula 420?

We guide you through the simple bong cleaning process using our best-selling liquid bong cleaner, Formula 420.

Cleaning FAQ

Why Should I Clean My Bong?

A clean bong is essential for a smoother, better performing and more flavourful smoke. Bongs can quickly fill up with grime, resin and bacteria with every use. This build up can have negative effects on your smoke such as irritating your lungs, blocking important airflow pathways of your device and producing awful tastes and aromas. By cleaning your bong on a regular basis with liquid bong cleaners such as Formula 420, Piece Water, Randy's, Orange Chronic or Kush Kleen, you'll conserve your cannabis, won't cough as much, have a tastier hit and enjoy a velvety pull.

How Often Should I Clean My Bong?

Bongs should be cleaned after a few days to a week after use. If you're a moderate to heavy user or share with friends, you should clean it even more frequently. Plus, you should also replace your bong water after every use to avoid any mould and bacteria from building up which can lead to harmful effects on your lungs and overall health. Often the colour of your bong water and the transparency of your glass is a good indicator of when to clean your bong. If it's a brownish-green, it's time to think about giving it a clean. Anything darker and you should clean it immediately. If you take the time to clean your bong every few days and change the water with every use, you'll increase the performance of your bong, improve the taste and aroma of your cannabis and add longevity to your device.

What Do I Clean My Bong With?

Cleaning your bong is a relatively simple and easy process with the use of liquid bong cleaners such as Formula 420, Piece Water, Randy's, Orange Chronic and Kush Kleen. These cleaners are scientifically formulated to remove resin build up on your glass, eliminate bacteria and mould, unclog airways such as downstems, ash catchers and percolators and improve the overall functionality of your bong.

Many bong cleaners, such as the best selling Formula 420, direct you to pour an even distribution of liquid into bong, cover all openings with a cap, plug or your hands and shake thoroughly for one minute. Once you've soaked the inside of your bong with the liquid cleaner, it's time to rinse it under warm water until all cleaner residue is gone, wash your hands and enjoy your sparkling new bong. We recommend following the instructions of your chosen liquid bong cleaner carefully as each cleaner is different.

We also suggest using cleaning brushes to scrub off any caked on residue on the inside of the downtube and chamber. Soft tapered and non-abrasive pipe cleaners are a fantastic option to clean hard-to-reach places such as downstems, cone pieces and ash catchers. Cleaning caps and plugs make shaking your bong with liquid cleaner easier and prevents leakages.

What's The Best Bong Cleaner?

We highly recommend Formula 420 - Original Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Bong Cleaner to clean and maintain your rigs. Formula 420 uses an exclusive AbrasivAction™ technology reducing your clean time to just 60 seconds without the need to scrub or soak. All you have to do is pour an even distribution of Formula 420 into your bong, cover all openings with your hands, plug or cap and shake vigorously. After a minute, simply wash off your rig under warm water and wash your hands. Your bong should be sparkling clean and ready to use!

What Is Piece Water Solution - All Natural Bong Water & Cleaner Alternative?

Piece Water Solution - All Natural Bong Water & Cleaner Alternative is made from a 100% all-natural formula featuring mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts. Fill your bong to your desired level with the solution and use your rig as normal. The safe and organic solution prevents resin build up and keeps your bong cleaner for longer compared to regular tap water. You can expect fantastic clean results for up to 40 hits of your rig!

Shop First Class Bong Cleaning Products For A Sparkling Bong

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