Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays

Your smoking setup is never complete without a reliable, durable and easy-to-handle rolling tray. We have a wide-range of rolling trays purpose-built to keep your herbs tidy, reduce waste and allow you to roll quickly, smoothly and all in one place. From beginners learning the craft to veteran masters who can roll with their eyes closed, our diverse range of rolling trays caters to anyone who thrives on rolling their own. 

Our rolling trays come in a great selection of shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials to suit your needs including stainless steel, bamboo, aluminium, wood, magnets, glass and plastic. Plus, we stock a bunch of unique items perfect for gifts or for your own use including extravagant ‘sesh’ bundles, non-slip rolling mats, exclusive prints and graphics and even aesthetically pleasing gold-painted trays.

The beauty of a high-quality rolling tray is not only its ability to provide you a flat surface to roll on, but to keep all your accessories such as papers, tips, scissors and tools together so you don’t lose a thing. Plus, they’re tailor-made to minimise wastage as they catch precious sprinkles and tiny fragments of herbs that often fall out while rolling.

Featuring all your favourite brands including RAW, Buddies, Chongz, Elements and our very own Glass Bongs Australia, we have a tray for everyone, no matter your budget!

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