Filter Tips

Filter Tips

Take your smoke to the next level and try Glass Bongs Australia’s amazing assortment of filter tips. For those new to the smoking scene, filter tips are used at the mouth end of a joint to act as a filter between you and your herbs and are also often referred to as roach or crutch. Just like your favourite herbs, filter tips have slowly evolved and transformed over the years to form a myriad of unique styles and materials to choose from, ultimately benefitting you, the smoking enthusiast! The new and exciting advancements and technologies in filter tips are genuinely mind-blowing and we’re stoked to offer you some of our favourites that will take your smoking lifestyle to another realm.

It can be a daunting process trying to find the right filter tip due to the overflowing amount of different designs, ingredients and purposes out there on the market. As with anything, it all comes down to personal preference and with Glass Bongs Australia’s extensive list of filter tips, you’ll be able to find the right filter tip in no time at all. We have all your classic cigarette filters, pre-rolled filter tips and filter tip booklets that will provide you with a hard and structured piece to help shape your joint and create an extremely streamlined joint-rolling experience. These filter tips will improve the durability of your joint drastically and create fantastic airflow so you can enjoy an optimal flow of smoke without your joint getting too soggy and unpleasant.

We also stock our very popular glass filter tips that add an extraordinary new layer of sleekness and smoothness that you just don’t get with regular filter tips. The feeling of glass on your lips is an unparalleled sensation that all smoking enthusiasts should try at least once in their lifetime. Not only do they look sensational but they also provide a firm, solid and durable piece that won’t allow your joint from going damp, especially when sharing with friends. Another popular type of filter tip doing the rounds are flavoured filter tips. If you’re all about adding a burst of flavour to your smoke, tingling your tastebuds or increasing the sensitivity of your senses, then these are the way to go. These premium filter tips are a superb way to add a bit of extra thrill, excitement and creativity to your next smoke as they come in a huge array of different flavours that you’ll be experimenting with time and time again.

All our filter tips come from high-end smoking brands such as RAW, Elements, Cyclone, Shine and many others. Not only are they reliable and of pristine quality but they’re extremely affordable making it easy for everyone, no matter your budget, to snatch up some filter tips quickly and easily. Plus, some of our products come in bulk, so you not only save money but you’ll never be without a filter tip in a moment’s notice ever again.

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