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How To Use A Bong

Learn the correct methods of packing, igniting and inhaling from a bong to maximise your session.

How To Clean A Bong

Follow our detailed step-by-step guide on how to clean glass bongs for a smoother smoke.

Your Path To Access Medical Cannabis

Uncover how you can acquire medical cannabis in Australia and make informed healthcare decisions.


What Is Bud?

Bud is a new range of bongs and accessories exclusive to Glass Bong Australia. Bus is the all-inclusive cannabis brand for the wake and bakers, the 420 fanatics and the weekend weed dilettantes. When you’re in need of a reliable smoke, one that’ll never let you down, Bud is guaranteed to be by your side. With high-quality and long-lasting bongs featuring laidback designs and eye-popping colours at inexpensive prices, the way you smoke will be changed forever with Bud.

What's The Difference Between Bud & Other Brands?

Bud bongs are designed to put your needs first and provide reliable and simple solutions to your everyday smoke. Their innovative smoking creations featuring supreme functionality, superior craftmanship and on-trend designs are finished off with precise detail guaranteed to impress cannabis connoisseurs and casual smokers alike. When it comes to a silky-smooth session featuring your favourite cannabis strains, Bud appreciates the importance of a consistent and trustworthy bong. Their glass bongs are made with high-end thick borosilicate glass ensuring the entire flavour spectrum of your weed is elevated, transported and evenly distributed to your receptors for the most satisfying smoke imaginable.

What Bud Bongs Are Available?

From beaker base bongs and straight tube bongs to round base bongs and gripper bongs, Bud accommodates all types of smokers making it even more accessible for everyone to appreciate the ground-breaking benefits of cannabis. For those searching for luxurious rips without breaking the bank, Bud’s highly sought-after percolator bongs, including showerhead percolators, matrix percolators and UFO percolators, are your golden ticket to a lifetime supply of velvety bong rips.

What Does The Bud Logo Mean?

Bud is for everyone, no matter who you are. Their sensational signature logo encapsulates the splendour of bong smoking and triggers a long-haul sensory trip with vibrant and zesty colours such as yellow, pink, green, blue and teal. Whether you’re in need of a visually stimulating and unparalleled bong to impress your friends or a textbook bong that will outperform and outlast everything else on the market, Bud will always have your back.

Is Bud Exclusive To Glass Bongs Australia?

You betcha! You won't be able to find these bongs anywhere else in the country besides Glass Bongs Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing today and see for yourself what makes Bud the ultimate bong brand you can count on. Glass Bongs Australia is the exclusive home of Bud and all their bongs come with a first-rate downstem and cone piece, so you’re primed to rip as soon as it’s out of the packaging. Ooze confidence and control when shopping Bud with discreet packaging and free shipping on orders over $150.

Elevate Your Smoking Experience With High-Quality & Affordable Bongs

Bud is the all-inclusive cannabis brand for the wake and bakers, the 420 fanatics and the weekend weed dilettantes. When you’re in need of a reliable smoke, one that’ll never let you down, Bu. . . Read More

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