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Round Base Bongs

Round Base Bongs

Enjoy the sturdy, reliable and aesthetically pleasing style of round base bongs with our superior collection here at Glass Bongs Australia. Round base bongs are quite similar to beaker bongs in the sense that the sphere-shaped water chamber is wider than the tube and mouthpiece. This is practically beneficial as it allows your bong to hold substantially more water than your typical beaker or straight tube bong and ultimately create greater filtration for a smoother, cleaner and consistent smoking experience.

Our round base bongs combine design ingenuity with a beautifully crafted curvaceous body that not only produces an incredible smoke but also looks damn fine sitting on your coffee table. They’re slightly heavier than you’re standard glass or acrylic bong due to the weight in the bubble chamber and therefore the chance of knocking one over accidentally is reduced significantly. Our wicked collection of round base bongs come in a superb variety of different sizes, shapes and styles to suit all your smoking preferences.

We stock all your favourite brands including Chongz, Half Baked, Atomic and our very own Glass Bongs Australia range including GBA and Bing Bongs. Whether you’re browsing for a classic stock standard straight tube or something a little more fancy such as our percolator filtered, novelty or diffusor filtered round base bongs, we’re confident we’ve got everything you need and more. With a huge quantity of unique sizes, including mini bongs made for travelling and large bongs for your everyday home use, you’ll be coming back time and time again to add to your collection.

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