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One Hitters & Dugouts FAQ

What Is A One-Hitter?

A one-hitter is a compact device used for smoking minimal quantities of cannabis. Constructed from glass, metal, or ceramic, it comprises a slender tube and a small bowl. The user lights the cannabis in the bowl and inhales the smoke. Its name originates from its design that typically allows a single 'hit' or inhalation per load, perfect for discreet use.

What Is A Dugout?

A dugout is a small, portable container used for inconspicuous use of ground cannabis. It has two sections: one for a small pipe, known as a 'one-hitter,' and another for storing some ground cannabis. The dugout caters to efficiency and discretion in cannabis usage, promoting a subtle and minimalist approach.

How Do You Use A One-Hitter?

For optimal one-hitter use, grind cannabis finely for even burning. Load ground cannabis into the small bowl at the narrower end. Light the loaded end, inhale the smoke gently. Expect a moderate smoke amount per single hit as per the design. Post-use, shake out ash and clean out residue with a pipe cleaner.

How Much Weed Does A One-Hitter Hold?

A one-hitter is a compact tool that holds roughly 0.1 to 0.2 grams of finely shredded cannabis. The capacity varies with its size and the texture of the cannabis. Perfect for micro-dosing, a one-hitter is engineered to deliver one potent puff per use, offering precise consumption.

How Do I Clean A One-Hitter?

Keep your one-hitter operating smoothly with a regular deep clean. Grab a wire or pipe cleaner, Formula 420, a zip-lock bag, and warm water.

Start by giving your one-hitter a good tap on a hard surface to shake off residual ashes or cannabis. Submerge your one-hitter in Formula 420, placed in a zip-lock bag. Seal and shake the bag robustly for a few minutes to activate the cleaner. This breaks down the tough tar and resin. For best results, let it steep overnight, easing the removal of stubborn debris.

After soaking, lightly scour the one-hitter's interior with a pipe cleaner or wire. Avoid exerting excessive pressure to prevent damage. Flush the 'one-hitter' under warm water to eliminate the cleaner and remaining grime. Make sure it's completely dry before you light it up again.

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