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Grip It And Rip It With The Rise Of Gripper Bongs

Take a closer look at the gripper bong, the benefits of investing in one and why you should consider gripping and ripping the next time you’re on the hunt for a reliable and secure bong.

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Gripper Bongs FAQ

What Is A Gripper Bong?

A gripper bong, also known as a pistol-grip bong, is a model specifically designed for balance and comfort. It features a pistol-like handle moulded into the main chamber that fits the user's fingers snugly and sits comfortably in the palm of their hand. This allows them to hold it firmly with no fear of it slipping. The particular shape of the gripper bong provides a more secure and tranquil smoking experience and is useful to those who are new to bongs, have difficulty managing a conventional bong or are likely to drop their smoking apparatus.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gripper Bong?

Gripper bongs possess an indented grip on their main chamber that provides the user with a secure hold for improved control and comfort when inhaling. The grip design of the bong prevents it from slipping out of the user's hand and makes it the ideal choice for newbies who may find the whole process intimidating. This feature is extremely beneficial for those who are prone to dropping things, as they can experience greater confidence when smoking. Furthermore, gripper bongs often have a long neck which facilitates bigger and cooler hits with more flavour.

What Are The Different Types Of Gripper Bongs?

There are a range of gripper bongs available that each bring something special to the smoking experience. Of the choices, glass and silicone are the two most common. Glass bongs are made from borosilicate glass that is heat-resistant and provides a smooth, clean and flavourful hit. Many glass bongs come with a silicone base to ensure steadiness when in use. Silicone bongs are popular for their durability, as they can withstand knocks without breaking. However, due to the material, the flavour and quality of the smoke may be diminished.

How Do I Use A Gripper Bong?

Operating a gripper bong is no different than using any other bong. First, fill the bong up to just below the downstem with tap water. Then, load the cannabis into the cone piece and insert it into the downstem. After that, place the bong in the palm of your hand and wrap your fingers around the pistol-grip indentation on the main chamber. Then, light your herbs and inhale the smoke. When you're done, just take out the cone piece. You should be able to appreciate how convenient it was to use the gripper bong in the palm of your hand.

How Do I Clean A Gripper Bong?

Not only does a neat and tidy gripper bong look better, but it will also work better. The flavours will be more intense and the smoke will be smoother, adding life to your bong. It is important to switch your bong water at regular intervals to prevent any nasty bacteria from forming and for the purest smoke. To get the best clean, we suggest using a liquid bong cleaner such as Formula 420. It is a favourite choice amongst users since it is easy to use, quick and convenient. Simply pour the appropriate amount into an empty bong, swirl the solution for one minute, rinse with warm water and you are ready to go.

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