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If you're a newbie to dabbing or a pro looking to expand your dabbing collection, this article will give you a glimpse of the benefits of dabbing.


Measuring the joint size of your bong and its parts is a straightforward process that can be down with a ruler in less than one minute.

Your Guide To Cone Pieces

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Carb Caps FAQ

What Is A Carb Cap?

A carb cap is an essential tool when it comes to dabbing cannabis oil, concentrate and wax. The carb cap is designed to fit over the nail or banger. It's designed to regulate the air flow around the dab while creating a vacuum that helps to evenly and efficiently vaporise your concentrate.

What Are Carb Caps Made Of?

Carb caps comes in a variety of unique materials such as quartz, ceramic and titanium. Quartz provides the cleanest tasting dab possible. However, they're susceptible to breakages. Ceramic promotes the full flavour of your dab while titanium is the most durable however can add a slightly metallic taste to your dab.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Carb Cap?

Carb caps help vaporise your cannabis oil or wax to their fullest potential. They help preserve the flavour and aroma of your concentrate by regulating the airflow and trapping the flavour profiles and terpenes. Carb caps also conserve your concentrate because it promotes a lower temperature dab meaning you're able to vaporise more concentrate.

Are Carb Caps Easy To Use?

Carb caps are relatively simple to use. When your dabbing, place the carb cap over your banger or nail. Move the carb cap up or down and adjust accordingly to find the right mix of pressure and airflow. Finding the right pattern will vary for each individual, so that's why it's important to experiment to find the perfect movement for you.

Do Carb Caps Come In Different Styles?

Carb caps are available in a range of unique designs, styles and colours giving you flexibility and choice when it comes to finding the right carb cap for you and your dab rig. Different styles include your traditional and classic style which is often flat with a small handle, directional airflow carb caps which allows for airflow to enter the dome for a more controlled and even dab and bubble carb caps which gives you a spinning action within the dome.

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