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Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

The ritual of joint smoking will never die with our mammoth selection of rolling papers at Glass Bongs Australia. There is something strangely familiar, satisfying and ceremonial when it comes to smoking your herbs in a joint that bongs just cannot match. The delicate process of ‘rolling your own’ is a craftsmanship that can often take weeks, months and even years to perfect, but once nailed, the benefits of a slow-burning, tasty and even smoke is always worth the extra demands required.

Whether you’re a fresh fumbling beginner just on the scene or a seasoned veteran who can roll with their eyes closed, our selection of rolling papers will have you coming back time and time again to experiment, discover and indulge in our huge variety of rolling papers. We’re thrilled to offer you some of our favourite rolling papers brands including RAW, Juicy Jay’s, Elements, Clipper 4:Twenty, Rizla, Smoking and many more. They come in a wide variety of unique materials to suit all smoking preferences such as hemp, organic, rice and flax. Plus, we have a bunch of unique styles that will give you a chance to try new and exciting technologies like ultra-thin, flavoured, transparent, slow burn and even 24k gold papers.

Our rolling papers are available in a bunch of different sizes, including king size and oversized, so you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the length for yourself as well as when you’re sharing with friends at your next party. Don’t settle with what you’ve always known, dip your big toe in the water and see for yourself why our excellent collection of rolling papers is one of the most popular in the country!

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