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Rice Rolling Papers

Rice Rolling Papers

Be environmentally conscious the next time you roll your own with Glass Bong Australia’s broad selection of natural earth friendly rice rolling papers. Rice rolling papers aren’t produced by harsh chemicals and burn with virtually zero ash except for the natural sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns. They’re the perfect paper if you’re looking for an extremely thin, smooth and slow burn and are an ideal choice for getting less of a paper taste with each smoke.

Our wide range of rice rolling papers, featuring some of your favourite brands including Elements, Rizla, DLX, Zig Zag and many more, cater for all smoking lifestyles no matter your rolling ability. With a variety of sizes including 1 ¼, 1 ½, 84mm, King Size and Single Wide alongside unique styles such as pre-rolled cones, paper and filter tip combos and paper rolls, you won’t have to shop anywhere else for your ecologically sustainable rice rolling papers.

Rice papers are truly one of our most popular types of paper as they're made out of processed rice and on occasion additives such as sugar and flax. They’re characteristically thinner than most, have a longer burn rate and result in you enjoying your smoke without the sometimes unwelcome aftertaste that comes with other papers.

Despite being harder to roll, beginners should not be discouraged from using rice papers but rather inspired by the fantastic benefits that come with successfully mastering the craft. Their slow burn rate prevents your joint from burning out too quickly and produces one of the smoothest and even burns possible. Expand your rolling horizons and give rice rolling papers a try today!

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