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Digital Scales

Digital Scales

Make eyeballing your quantities a thing of the past with our excellent range of digital scales. We understand the importance of portion control at Glass Bongs Australia and that’s why we’ve handpicked a quality selection of digital scales to help ensure your quantities are spot on each and every time.

No matter what you think, at some point you’re most likely going to need a digital scale in your arsenal to enhance your smoking lifestyle. Whether it’s to ensure you’re getting the right amount of herbs you paid for, divide your bulk stash evenly between friends or family, keep track of your dosages for medicinal reasons or guarantee consistency with your amounts, a scale is an extremely vital tool that no smoking setup should be without.

Our collection from reputable brands including RAD, OzWeigh, Chongz plus many more feature unique capacities from 50g to 2kg and provide you with a superb choice of reliable, durable and accurate digital scales. Not only do many of our scales feature tactile easy-to-use controls, discreet, lightweight and compactable designs and produce consistent and precise results but also they’re very affordable. So, no matter your objectives, we have the right scales for all your entire herb weighing needs!

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