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Glass Bongs FAQ

What Is A Glass Bong?

A glass bong is a smoking device made from heat-resistant glass used to smoke cannabis. Glass bongs are often made from borosilicate glass and come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as beaker bongs, percolator bongs, gripper bongs, straight tube bongs, round base bongs and more. Most glass bongs consist of a cylinder coming up from a base, also known as the chamber, which contains water. A cone piece or bowl containing ground cannabis is inserted into a downstem which is fitted through a hole directly into the chamber of water. Once the cannabis is lit, it channels smoke into the water chamber where it is cooled, filtered and diffused before being inhaled up through the cylinder and mouthpiece.

Are Glass Bongs Better Than Silicone Or Acrylic Bongs?

Glass bongs provide the smoothest, cleanest and most effective hits compared to other materials such as silicone or acrylic. Glass bongs are commonly made from high-grade borosilicate glass which is designed to withstand regular thermal shock and intense temperatures making them extremely durable. Glass is also cleaner and doesn’t add any impurities or undesirable chemicals to your smoke ensuring you taste the full flavour profile of your favourite cannabis strains. Keeping a glass bong maintained is also a simple process meaning you can spend more time smoking and less time cleaning. Not only do they come in a variety of shapes, but they come in a myriad of sizes ranging from 10cm all the way to 45cm and over. Plus, they’re fun to customise with bong parts such as cone pieces, downstems and ash catchers, so you can add your own personal style to your piece easily. The only downside to owning a glass bong is the potential for it to break, especially when sharing with friends, so be sure to always handle with care.

Do Glass Bongs Break Easily?

Glass bongs are made from thick, heat-resistant borosilicate glass making them one of the most durable types of bongs on the market. They can withstand extreme temperatures, thermal shock and regular use with ease. As with anything made from glass, they do have the potential to break, however this is most commonly due to mishandling when using the device or accidentally dropping it. That's why it's important to handle your glass bong with care, especially when sharing with others, as they can crack or shatter from any height. Keep your bong well-maintained by cleaning it regularly and always use it carefully to ensure your piece lasts for a long time to come.

How Do You Clean A Glass Bong?

Glass bongs are widely accepted as one of the easiest bongs to clean and maintain. Unlike most silicone and acrylic bongs, you can actually see the resin and grime build up inside your bong. Cleaning a glass bong simply requires a liquid bong cleaner such as Formula 420 Original Cleaner. Simply pour the liquid into your empty bong, plug the holes, give it a shake for one-minute until all the resin is gone and rinse with warm water. Use a soft tip cleaning brush to reach those hard-to-reach places while ensuring you don't scratch your glass. Bongs should be cleaned on a regular basis and your bong water refilled with every use to ensure the cleanest, smoothest and most flavourful hits possible. Cleaning your bong regularly will make this process a hassle-free and quick process meaning you can smoke more and spend less time scrubbing.

What's The Best Glass Bong?

The best glass bong is the one that suits your own personal tastes and preferences. Glass bongs come in a wide range of unique styles, shapes and sizes making it a fun adventure finding the right one for you and your circumstances. If you're new to smoking bongs, it's encouraged to start off with a basic model such as a glass beaker bong. Beaker bongs are cheaper, simple in design and easy to use, making them perfect for newbies. It's also encouraged to start with a smaller-sized glass bong as they have less drag meaning there is less area for the smoke to travel making it easier to pull and inhale. When you've mastered bong smoking, it's time to explore the vast array of unique styles such as gripper bongs, straight tube bongs and round base bongs. Each of these provide unique smoking experiences such as water volume, drag and how it holds in your hand. Another type of glass bong is a percolator bong which comes in a variety of styles. Percolator bongs provide greater filtration meaning you enjoy a smoother, cleaner and tastier smoke. Explore our range of glass bongs, experiment and we're sure you'll find the right bong for you and your needs.

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