Bud Gripper Bong 34cm


The Bud Gripper Bong 34cm is the ultimate water pipe designed to elevate your bong smoking experience. Crafted with precision and care, this glass gripper bong is made from thick borosilicate glass, ensuring it is heat resistant, durable, and tough. Standing tall at 34cm, it's the perfect size for both on-the-go smoking adventures and cozy night... Read More

The Bud Gripper Bong 34cm is the ultimate water pipe designed to elevate your bong smoking experience. Crafted with precision and care, this glass gripper bong is made from thick borosilicate glass, ensuring it is heat resistant, durable, and tough. Standing tall at 34cm, it's the perfect size for both on-the-go smoking adventures and cozy nights at home.

What sets the Bud Gripper Bong apart is its unique pistol-grip design. The indented glass grip aligns perfectly with your hand, providing a comfortable hold that allows you to enjoy smooth bong hits effortlessly. The bong's slim water chamber holds ample water, ensuring each inhale delivers massive clouds of smoke.

Embodying the spirit of Australian-style gripper bongs, the Bud Gripper Bong showcases a yellow-coloured Bud logo on the downtube, adding a touch of vibrancy to its sleek design. Completing the Aussie aesthetic is the anodised metal downstem and brass bonza cone piece, which ensure an airtight seal with the help of a reliable rubber grommet. Durability is paramount as the gripper bong comes with a rubber base that adds extra stability during use and protects it from accidental bumps. This glass gripper bong is built to last, making it an ideal companion for everyday use.

Not only does the Bud Gripper Bong deliver exceptional performance, but it also offers unbeatable value. Priced at just $39.95, it provides excellent quality at an affordable price point. Exclusive to the Bud brand and Glass Bongs Australia, you won't find this unique piece anywhere else.

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    • Precision Craftsmanship: This gripper bong is created with thick borosilicate glass for an enhanced bong smoking experience. It guarantees heat resistance, strength, and durability, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable glass bong that will elevate your sesh.
    • Unique Pistol-Grip Design: The pistol grip ergonomically designs to fit perfectly in your hand, providing a comfortable grip for smooth and effortless bong hits. Each inhalation ensures thick smoke with the slim water chamber.
    • Vibrant Australian Style: Its reliable rubber grommet ensures an airtight seal, while this Australian-designed gripper bong features a vibrant yellow Bud logo, an anodised metal downstem, and a brass bonza cone piece.
    • Built to Last: The gripper bong's rubber base offers stability and protects against unintended impacts, making it an ideal companion for daily activities, providing reliability and protection.
    • Unbeatable Value: Glass Bongs Australia prices our exclusive product at just $39.95, offering unbeatable value and high-quality construction, giving you an affordable and excellent glass bong option.
    What's Included
    • 1 x Bud Gripper Bong 34cm
    • 1 x Silicone Grommet
    • 1 x Metal Downstem (Varied Colours)
    • 1 x Brass Bonza Cone Piece (Varied Colours)
    • Brand: Bud
    • Colour: Clear
    • Logo Colour: Yellow
    • Type: Gripper Bong
    • Height: 34cm
    • Bong Material: Borosilicate Glass
    • Downstem: Anodised Metal
    • Cone Piece: Brass Bonza
    • Thickness: 4mm
    • Use With: Flower
    Replacement Parts
    • Cone Piece: Brass Bonza Cone Piece
    • Downstem: Metal Downstem
    • Grommet: Silicone Grommet

    Need help with sizing? Read How To Measure Your Bong Joint Size and Gender for more information.

    Care Guide

    Need help cleaning? Read How To Clean A Bong Fast (& Effectively) for a step-by-step bong cleaning guide.

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    Pistol Grip Bong Design
    Metal Bowl & Stem Included
    Durable Rubber Grommet
    Bud Gripper Bong 34cm Pistol Grip
    Unique Pistol-Grip Design

    The ergonomically designed pistol-grip handle snugly fits in your hand, offering a comfortable grip for effortless and smooth inhalations. The sleek water chamber guarantees dense plumes of smoke with each breath.

    Bud Gripper Bong 34cm Mouthpiece
    Vibrant Aussie-Style Bong

    This Australian-style bong combines style and functionality with its vibrant yellow Bud logo, anodised metal downstem, and brass bonza cone piece. The rubber base adds stability and durability for prolonged use, making it a perfect choice for those seeking eye-catching design and reliable construction.

    Bud Gripper Bong 34cm Silicone Base
    Unbeatable Value For A Quality Bong

    This bong offers exceptional quality at a budget-friendly price point, with a price tag of only $39.95. You can find it exclusively at Glass Bongs Australia, where it stands out as a one-of-a-kind item with unmatched value.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a gripper bong?

    The gripper bong is a user-friendly and comfortable bong with a unique pistol-grip shape. It is known for its easy maintenance and simple design, making it popular among those who prioritise usability. Its unique appearance distinguishes it from other bong styles.

    How do I use a gripper bong?

    To use a gripper bong, fill the water chamber and pack the bowl. Put your mouth on the mouthpiece, light the substance while inhaling, and release the carb hole (if applicable) to clear the smoke. Inhale gently to avoid inhaling water.

    How much water should I put in a gripper bong?

    To maximise your gripper bong experience, fill the chamber with enough water to cover the bottom of the downstem (about 2.5cm to 5cm). This improves filtration and airflow for a better smoking session.

    How do I clean a gripper bong?

    To clean a gripper bong, first empty the water and disassemble the parts. Soak them in a bong cleaning solution such as Formula 420 Original Bong Cleaner or isopropyl alcohol with salt and scrub off any residue with a brush. Rinse thoroughly and let everything dry before reassembling the bong.

    How do I fill a gripper bong with water?

    To load a gripper bong correctly, pour water into the mouthpiece until the downstem is fully immersed. Check the airflow by taking a gentle inhale to ensure the water level is optimal. Make adjustments if needed, and you're ready to enjoy your gripper bong.


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