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How Beaker Bongs Can Transform Your Smoking Experience

Beaker bongs are super easy to use and they can totally bring your cannabis smoking to the next level. In this article, we'll teach you how to pick the perfect beaker bong for you and how to get the most out of your next session.

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Beaker Bongs FAQ

What Is A Beaker Bong?

A beaker bong is shaped like a science-laboratory beaker. It has a flat base and gradually tapers upwards to form a conical shape. Beaker bongs are one of the most popular styles of bongs available because they're simple in design, easy to use and are extremely durable.

What Are The Benefits Of Beaker Bongs?

Beaker bongs are one of the most popular bong styles among beginner and experienced bong smokers. The simple and uncomplicated design of the beaker bong makes it easy-to-use and the round wide base prevents accidental knocks or spillages. The conical shape allows for plenty of water volume meaning you'll enjoy larger and tastier hits. Beaker bongs are also very simple to accessorise with parts such as ash catchers, cone pieces and downstems.

Are There Different Types Of Beaker Bongs?

Beaker bongs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials but they all function the same as your classic beaker bong. Glass beaker bongs are often made from thick and heavy-duty borosilicate glass and are capable of dealing with high temperatures. They produce the best tasting and most fulfilling smoke and are incredibly easy to clean. Silicone beaker bongs are perfect for those who often break, drop or damage their glass bongs. The flexible and indestructible nature of silicone bongs make them ideal for when sharing with friends or travelling on the road. Percolator beaker bongs are another type which feature a percolator inside the beaker bong that adds another level for filtration for your smoke to pass through for an even smoother, cooler and more delightful smoke.

How Do I Use A Beaker Bong?

Beaker bongs are simple to use and are perfect for beginners. Simply pour enough water in the main chamber that is covering the bottom of your downstem. Ensure you don't overfill your bong as this can cause major splash back with water travelling up the neck and into your mouth. Pack your herbs into the cone piece lightly while ensuring you don't pack it too tightly as this can restrict the airflow. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece, light your herbs, allow the water to bubble and build smoke before inhaling.

Are Beaker Bongs Cheap?

Beaker bongs are relatively cheap because they're simple in design. They're the ideal bong if you're looking for an introductory smoking device as they are easy to use, hassle-free to clean and don't come with too many added attachments or intricate design elements. We recommend buying a cheap beaker bong made from thick borosilicate glass due to its stability, durability and cleaner smoke.

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