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We take a closer look at what makes hemp wraps so popular and why you should consider saying goodbye to the nasties, toxins and adhesives of traditional wraps and embrace the green goodness of hemp.


Here are five reasons you should consider experimenting with King Palm’s palm leaf products and find out how they're charging ahead in the smoking industry with their innovation, quality and craftmanship.

Hemp Wraps FAQ

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking wraps. They’re made from dried hemp plants which are dried, flattened and shaped to a similar size to cigarette papers. Hemp wraps are less processed than blunt wraps and don’t contain any tobacco, chemicals or additives making them a healthier option when smoking your favourite cannabis strains. They’re often infused with various flavours and scents ranging from fruity and sweet to earthy and herbal. This infusion can enhance the taste and smell of your product that you are smoking.

What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps come with a plethora of perks compared to other smoking wraps. For starters, they are totally natural, free from tobacco and nicotine as well as any harsh chemicals or additives. Plus, they burn slowly and consistently, making your smoking session more enjoyable. Moreover, hemp wraps have a light taste that many smokers find more pleasant than tobacco and blunt wraps. Additionally, hemp wraps don't generate a lot of smoke, so you don't have to worry about bothering those around you. They’re also available in a variety of tasty flavours enhancing your overall smoking experience and elevating the taste of your cannabis strains.

Do Hemp Wraps Contain Tobacco Or Nicotine?

Hemp wraps are rapidly rising in popularity amongst smokers because they have absolutely zero nicotine or any other habit-forming compounds found in traditional smoking papers and blunt wraps. Furthermore, these wraps provide a considerably cleaner and purer smoking experience when compared to other wraps.

How Do You Roll A Hemp Wrap?

Crafting a hemp wrap is a simple endeavour for beginners. Get started by laying the wrap out flat on a rolling tray. Then, sprinkle the ground-up herbs into the center of the wrap, making sure they are spread out evenly. Carefully roll the two edges together, taking care not to make it too tight. Rolling the wrap back and forth helps the herbs to evenly distribute and creates the perfect joint. Use your finger to press along the length of the roll to ensure it's securely sealed. Lastly, moisten the edges with saliva or water to guarantee it's firmly closed.

What's The Difference Between Hemp Wraps And Blunt Wraps?

Hemp wraps and standard smoking papers, such as blunt wraps, are distinct in the material they are fabricated from. Hemp wraps are composed of hemp plants and are nicotine-free, whereas blunt wraps are created from tobacco and contain nicotine. Additionally, hemp wraps provide a smoother, more pure smoking experience. Furthermore, hemp wraps come in many different varieties, like flavoured hemp wraps, that offer an extraordinary smoking experience.

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