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Bubble Bongs FAQ

What Is A Bubble Bong?

A bubble bong, also know as a round base bong, is a type of traditional smoking device used for smoking cannabis. It has a unique, large spherical water chamber that is wider than the tube and mouthpiece. The rounded shape of the chamber is advantageous as it allows a larger amount of water to be held in the bong, providing a more effective filtrations system for a clean and consistent smoke.

What Are The Different Types Of Bubble Bongs?

An array of materials are utilised to make bubble bongs, such as glass, silicone and acrylic. Each material has its own distinct attributes that make it attractive to various bong users. Glass bubble bongs provide the most flavourful and luxurious hits. Glass is renowned for preserving the taste and aroma of herbs, and borosilicate glass, which is heat-resistant, generates smooth and velvety inhales. Although glass may be more delicate than other materials, if taken care of, it can be more hard-wearing and longer-lasting than any other bong type. Bubble bongs made of silicone are created with top-notch silicone that is flexible and resistant to heat. This offers great resilience and convenience as the material is not so easy to break, allowing it to survive for a long time. In spite of these advantages, silicone can affect the aroma and performance of your smoke in comparison to glass due to the impurities present in it. Acrylic bubble bongs are a less expensive alternative to other materials like glass and silicone but are as sturdy. They are perfect for carrying around when you're on the move and can withstand a bit of hard use without getting damaged. Again, the lower quality material produces a less enjoyable smoke compared to glass and may create a harsher toke.

What Are The Benefits Of Bubble Bongs?

Bubble bongs are quite similar to beaker bongs because the spherical water chamber is wider than the tube and mouthpiece. This is advantageous as it allows the bong to hold more water than the regular beaker or straight tube bong and thus provide better filtration for a more enjoyable, cleaner and consistent smoking experience. The most advantageous feature of a bubble bong is the bigger water chamber. The globe-shaped chamber enables it to hold more water, expanding the surface area and thus creating bigger, cooler and more impressive hits. The smoke is able to swirl around inside the bong for an extended period of time, creating a fuller and more flavorful draw. Bubble bongs generally have a level round base which permits it to remain upright and not need to be held. This makes it more secure and stable compared to other bongs that possess a thinner base.

Are Bubble Bongs Better Than Other Types Of Bongs?

Bubble bongs are a great option for cannabis smokers as they are usually made from durable materials like glass and have a large water chamber, producing bigger and smoother hits. Additionally, their round base allows them to stay stable on flat surfaces, and their aesthetic is truly mesmerising, with bubbles floating and twirling in front of you. There are also plenty of materials, from glass to silicone to acrylic, available in lots of different patterns, designs, and colours. Ultimately, when selecting the right bong for you, it's important to consider your budget and size requirements, in addition to your own personal needs. It might also be beneficial to ask someone who already has a round base bong about their experience and whether it would suit your smoking preferences.

How Do You Clean A Bubble Bong?

Maintaining your bubble bong is a very easy and speedy procedure. If you stay on top of your cleaning routine, you will be able to make your bong last longer, enhance its performance and relish cleaner, smoother and more delicious hits. We suggest buying a liquid bong cleaner such as Formula 420 which you can pour into your vacant round base bong. Cover all the apertures, give it a firm shake and swirl for one minute, then dump and rinse with warm water. Utilise a soft brush to scrap off any encrusted resin or ash and make sure to give your cone piece and downstem some attention too. Once you're satisfied with the outcome, rinse it under warm water, let it dry and it will be set for your next hit.

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