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  • Pre-rolled cones have completely transformed the way we enjoy cannabis, making it more convenient and enjoyable than ever.
  • Pre-rolled cones are ready-made cones designed in a convenient cone shape, making it effortless to fill, pack, and enjoy your smoke session.
  • Ready-made pre-rolled cones offer a smooth and even burn. They come in a wide range of sizes, flavours, and materials for your convenience. Expect nothing less than consistent quality every time.
  • Discover Glass Bongs Australia's extensive assortment of pre-rolled cones, featuring a wide variety of classic and enticingly flavoured options, including hemp-infused choices.

Rolling a joint used to be quite the hassle, causing frustration and eating up precious time. Luckily, the genius invention of pre-rolled cones has revolutionised how we consume cannabis, making it more convenient and enjoyable than ever before. These ready-made rolling papers come in a convenient cone shape, allowing you to effortlessly fill, pack, and smoke your favourite buds. In this article, we dissect the multitude of advantages of pre-rolled cones, why they're ideal if you're a seasoned smoker or a newbie to the cannabis scene and how they will take your smoking experience to new heights.

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When it comes to smoking cannabis, pre-rolled cones have a clear edge over traditional rolling papers. Let's dive into the top benefits they offer:

  • Ready To Roll: Pre-rolled cones are the ultimate convenience when it comes to making joints. No rolling skills required! Perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a quick and effortless way to enjoy a smoke. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to instant gratification.
  • Smooth Burn: Pre-rolled cones are believed to offer a smoother burn compared to rolling papers. Their funnel-like shape ensures an even burn, leading to a more enjoyable smoking experience. Additionally, the smaller hits near the end of a cone contribute to a consistent high.
  • Various Sizes & Materials: Pre-rolled cones come in different sizes and materials to cater to your smoking preferences. Whether you like a smaller or larger joint, there's a cone size for everyone. Moreover, you can opt for different materials like paper or hemp, based on your smoking preferences.
  • Consistent Packing: Pre-rolled cones guarantee consistent packing and an even burn, replicating the joint smoking experience flawlessly. Elevate your smoking pleasure with a well-packed joint every time.


Woman holding a pre-rolled joint and storage tube

Discover a wide variety of pre-rolled cones on the market, each offering a distinct smoking experience. Check out these popular types:

  • Classic Pre-Rolled Cones: Classic pre-rolled cones are the go-to choice for a traditional smoking experience. Crafted from premium rolling paper, these cones offer a clean and sleek smoke.
  • Flavoured Pre-Rolled Cones: Infused with delightful flavours like strawberrygrape, or mint, these cones enhance your smoking experience with a burst of taste. Ideal for flavour-seeking cannabis enthusiasts.
  • Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones: Hemp rolling paper cones are the top pick for health-conscious individuals. With a slower burn rate and a more mellow taste, they outshine traditional paper cones.
  • Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones: Crafted from palm leaves, these cones provide a one-of-a-kind smoking encounter. Appreciated by experts, they are renowned for their leisurely burn and delightful taste.
  • Rice Paper Pre-Rolled Cones: Try rice paper cones for a clean and slow burn. Made from thin rice paper, these cones ensure an even and smooth experience.
  • Transparent Pre-Rolled Cones: Created using transparent materials like cellulose or clear rolling paper, these cones provide a visually striking and distinctive smoking encounter as you can observe the contents within.
  • Organic Pre-Rolled Cones: Chemical-free, eco-friendly pre-rolled cones crafted with natural and sustainable materials for a pure smoking experience. Ideal for the environmentally conscious.
  • King Size Pre-Rolled Cones: Larger king size cones are ideal for packing more cannabis and sharing with friends or those who enjoy longer smoking sessions.
  • Slim Pre-Rolled Cones: Compact and small, slim cones deliver a shorter, yet satisfying smoking experience. Perfect for solo smokers or those seeking a quick session.
  • 24k Gold Pre-Rolled Cones: These pre-rolled cones are crafted using the finest edible gold. They're perfect for when you're having a party or want to splash a bit more cash.
  • Customisable Pre-Rolled Cones: Certain brands offer tailor-made pre-rolled cones that you can customise with your desired design or logo. Ideal for special events or personal branding purposes.


Woman lighting a pre-rolled cone

Choosing the perfect pre-rolled cones for your cannabis experience can feel overwhelming with all the options available. Consider these factors before making your selection:

  • Size: Choose the cone size that matches your smoking style. For a lengthier session, pick king size cones. If you prefer a shorter and subtle smoke, choose 1 1/4 size or slim cones.
  • Material: Choose pre-rolled cones wisely by considering the material. Opt for high-quality rolling paper cones for a smooth and slow burn. Alternatively, go for hemp cones for a more eco-friendly and natural option.
  • Flavour: Enhance your smoking experience with flavoured pre-rolled cones that complement your preferred strains. Experiment with different flavours and find your favourite.
  • Brand: With so many smoking brands on the market, such as RAWCyclonesKing PalmJuicy Jay'sShine and more, it's important to weigh up the pros and cons of each, the quality of pre-rolled cones they offer and the price point.


Woman packing a pre-rolled cone with cannabis

Rolling a joint with pre-rolled cones is a breeze. Here's how you do it:

  1. Grind Cannabis: Achieve an even burn and smooth smoking with finely ground cannabis. Use a grinder to achieve a consistent and fluffy consistency.
  2. Fill The Cone: Position the pre-rolled cone vertically and softly tap to settle the herb at the base. Load the cone with ground cannabis, ensuring to leave room at the top for twisting and sealing.
  3. Pack The Cone: Pack the cone with precision by utilising a packing tool or a pen to gently compress the cannabis within. This meticulous approach guarantees a uniformly distributed and tightly packed herb.
  4. Twist & Seal: Pack the cone tightly, then give it a quick twist to seal it. No need to worry about any herb spilling out while you smoke.
  5. Light It Up: Light the cone using a lighter, breathe in, and savour your flawless joint.


Couple smoking pre-rolled joint

Pre-rolled cones have surpassed traditional rolling papers as the preferred choice for smokers. They offer numerous advantages, making them the superior option. Some key distinctions between pre-rolled cones and traditional rolling papers are:

  • Convenience: Pre-rolled cones offer utmost convenience by providing pre-rolled joints, eliminating the need for rolling expertise. Perfect for novices looking to save time.
  • Shape & Size: Pre-rolled cones have a fixed shape and size. This makes it unified and consistent ensuring you achieve the same results every single time you prepare a joint.
  • Materials: Pre-rolled cones are made from a variety of materials such as wood pulp, rice, hemp, or flax. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Rice paper burns slowly and is thin, while wood pulp is beginner-friendly. Hemp paper is both thin and slow-burning.
  • Filter Tips: Pre-rolled cones offer a hassle-free smoking experience by including pre-installed filter tips. When using traditional rolling papers, you have the option to decide whether or not to use a filter tip.
  • Cost: Pre-rolled cones can cost more than rolling papers, but their convenience may be worth the extra expense for certain users.


Man smoking a pre-rolled cone

Proper storage is key to maintaining the freshness and life span of your pre-rolled cones. Follow these tips for effective storage and preservation:

  • Store In Airtight Container: Keep your pre-rolled cones in top-notch condition by investing in airtight containers or tubes. These will shield them from any threats like moisture, air, or anything else that could compromise their quality.
  • Store In A Cool, Dark Place: Keep your pre-rolled cones fresh by storing them in a cool, dark place like a drawer or cupboard. Heat and light can diminish their quality over time.
  • Avoid Air Exposure: Excessive air exposure can dry out and diminish the potency of your cones. Minimise this issue by expelling air from the container before sealing it tightly.
  • Avoid Crushing: Handle your pre-rolled cones delicately to prevent any crushing or damage. A crushed cone can negatively impact your smoking experience and make filling and packing challenging.
  • Use Humidity Packs: Keep your pre-rolled cones in the best condition by using humidity control packs. These packs effectively regulate moisture levels, preventing your cones from drying out or becoming overly moist.


Woman smoking a pre-rolled joint

Pre-rolled cones have many misconceptions that require clarification. Let's tackle a few common ones.

  • Lack Of Quality: Pre-rolled cones are often thought to be of inferior quality compared to traditional rolling papers, but that's not always the case. In fact, pre-rolled cones can be crafted with top-notch materials and filled with premium cannabis.
  • Inconsistent: Pre-rolled cones are often misunderstood when it comes to their rolling quality. Yet, trusted brands utilise cutting-edge machines to guarantee flawless rolling and a perfectly aligned gum line. This ensures a consistently reliable smoking experience.
  • Difficult To Fill: Filling pre-rolled cones is actually quite easy, despite what some may think. It's a simple and effortless task that anyone can do.
  • Limited Options: Often underestimated for their limited options, pre-rolled cones actually offer a diverse range of sizes, flavours, and materials to suit every user's preference.
  • Unappealing Taste: Pre-rolled cones won't affect the taste of cannabis, despite the common belief. Top-notch cones are crafted from materials that preserve the original flavour of the cannabis.


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Pre-rolled cones revolutionise the cannabis world by eliminating the need for rolling. Don't waste time anymore because these cones are here to simplify your life. With their ideal shape, endless choices, and a promise of an exceptional smoking experience, pre-rolled cones are the ideal choice for everyone, regardless of their experience level. Say goodbye to the hassle and make pre-rolled cones your new best friend in the quest for the perfect smoke.

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