The smoking paper industry has experienced a major shakeup with the rising popularity of hemp over the last few years. This shakeup is led by the legalisation of industrial hemp cultivation, hemp’s ecological benefits as a renewable resource and educated consumers and brands shifting their mindset towards choosing healthier alternatives for themselves and the environment. Hemp wraps are one of the major movers within the industry with dozens of companies now releasing unique styles, shapes and flavours to please the masses who are looking for a ‘healthier’ alternative to other tobacco-related materials which contain nicotine. If you're new to hemp wraps, we help dissect what they are, what their benefits are compared to blunt wraps and the best brands to keep your eye out on at Glass Bongs Australia. 

So, what are hemp wraps?

Hemp wraps are basically blunt wraps without nicotine or tobacco. Most hemp wraps come as a flattened sheet of paper made entirely of hemp. These flat sheets are to be laid out with your own choice of legal herbs, rolled up and smoked. Some hemp wraps come pre-rolled and are ready to be filled with your chopped herbs making them perfect for beginners or those who are yet to master the art of rolling. Many hemp wrap brands have broadened their range to include a wide variety of unique flavours to enhance the overall smoking experience. Flavours such as grape, lemon, berry, strawberry are commonly available while more exotic, Willy Wonka-esque tastes are continually being released to differentiate one brand from another. These bold and exciting flavours add an entirely new dimension to hemp wraps giving you the reigns to find the best flavour for you.

 Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are 100% organic thin sheets of flattened hemp paper ready to be rolled with your favourite legal herbs.

Price: From $2.50

What are the benefits of hemp wraps?

Most hemp wraps are made of 100% organic hemp meaning they don’t use any fertilisers, pesticides or stimulants to grow or harvest. By eliminating these harmful chemicals, as well as nicotine and tobacco, hemp wraps take on a completely natural profile. Many users claim hemp wraps produce a slower and smoother burn while keeping the original flavour profiles of terpenes intact. Not only is hemp better for you compared to other tobacco materials such as blunt wraps, but it's ecologically better for the environment due to its fast-growing properties, extreme versatility and overall sustainability as a renewable resource. Although hemp wraps are generally touted as being a ‘healthier alternative’, please remember that the same negative health effects that go together with smoking are still present.

 Kong Wraps

Kong Wraps are one of many hemp wrap brands available at Glass Bongs Australia offering unique flavours such as grape, cherry pie, mango and more.

Price: From $3

Do hemp wraps contain THC or CBD?

This is a common misconception surrounding hemp. Although hemp and marijuana are both cousins of the plant species ‘Cannabis Sativa’, hemp does not contain THC and therefore does not have the psychoactive components of the plant. Unlike the harvesting of flower, hemp cultivation is solely focused on the plant’s fibres which grow on the outside of the fibrous stalk. These fibres are known as bast fibres and do not contain any cannabinoids. However, shop with caution as some brands specialise in cultivating hemp differently and may contain small amounts of CBD. It’s important you read the packet before consuming.

 Low Cloud Hemp Wraps

Low Cloud is a Canadian flavoured hemp wrap brand available at Glass Bongs Australia offering an array of new flavours such as Canadian Maple.

Price: From $4.50

What are the best hemp wraps?

Glass Bongs Australia stock one of the biggest and best selections of hemp wraps in the country. Their collection includes some of the most reputable brands who are producing some of the most unique styles and flavours available around the globe. Explore brands such as Kong Wraps, High Hemp, Low Cloud, Kingpin, Juicy Jay's, Twisted Hemp, Zig Zag and many more to find the right hemp wrap for you and your taste buds. All our brands focus on producing 100% natural hemp wraps that keep the integrity of your legal herbs in check so you never miss out on the full flavour profile of your terpenes. Start exploring our fine selection of hemp wraps today and begin experimenting with different brands, styles and flavours to suit you and your herbs.

 High Hemp

Explore the benefits of hemp wraps with the popular brand High Hemp which features a massive selection of exciting flavours such as Honey Pot Swirl, Grapeape and more.

Price: From $3