Living in Australia’s versatile climate means it can be tricky keeping the integrity of your precious herbs intact. Whether you’re living in the northern tropics where humidity rules supreme, the dry heat of the country plains or down south where four seasons in one day is not uncommon, it can be troublesome ensuring the properties of your flower remain fresh, consistent and potent. There are several ways to improve the longevity and overall quality of your herbs such as keeping them in dry air-tight glass jars and containers, locking them in smell-proof UV blocking storage bags or simply by avoiding direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. However, one of the easiest, cost-effective and surefire ways to keep your herbs from decaying into tasteless and impotent nothingness is the employment of humidifiers.

What’s a humidifier?

Humidifiers are scientifically designed to regulate the moisture in the air around your precious green cargo. Humidifiers add moisture to the air while dehumidifiers remove it. These humidifiers are often small packets or plastic objects that can be placed in your storage container to keep the humidity at an optimum level to guarantee the best environment for your legal herbs. Humidifers are sometimes overlooked as a necessary smoking accessory but they play such an important role in creating ultimate smoking experience.

Boveda Humidity Control PackBoveda's Humidity Control Pack is a global-leading humidifier designed to keep your herbs fresh, potent and aromatic.

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What’s the optimum humidity range for my herbs?

Now, depending on how you like your flower, what your climate is and other external factors, you’ll want to choose the right humidifier for you and your circumstances. According to global leader in two-way humidity control, Boveda, the ideal relative humidity (RH) range is between 58% and 62%. By keeping the humidity of your storage containers stable and between this range using humidifiers, you will protect your herbs from trichome damage, terpene loss, over drying and any risk of mould. If you live in a humid, tropical and wet environment or you like your bud on the drier side, it’s recommended you aim for 58%. Whereas if you’re in an arid climate or prefer a stickier bud, closer to 62% is better for you.

Boveda Humidity Control Pack In Glass Jar

The Boveda Humidity Control Pack protects the precious trichomes of your favourite legal herbs so they stay fresh for two to six months.

Price: From $2.00

What are the best humidifiers for my weed?

At Glass Bongs Australia we stock one of the world’s best humidifiers – Boveda. Boveda is an industry-leader when it comes to protecting the integrity of your herbs, no matter your environment or climate. Their humidity control packets range in sizes, depending on how much flower you want to keep fresh. They start from less than 3.5 grams to over 2kg. Inside each packet are all-natural salts and purified water which keeps your product flavourful, aromatic and potent for two to six months. This monolayer of purified water molecules naturally coats the trichomes to shield your good stuff from all the bad stuff. Simply place the packet inside your chosen container and you’ll be enjoying the amazing properties of your favourite legal herbs in all their glory. Your herbs will never be the same again.

Boveda Humidity Control Packs

Choose the right Boveda Humidity Control Pack to suit your climate, environment and bud preferences.

Price: From $2.00