What if you could combine all the tools you need for the perfect smoke into one handy device? Well, the dream has become reality with the introduction of Toker Poker. Toker Poker is an all-inclusive lighter holder that is ergonomically designed to simplify your smoking setup and lifestyle. Featuring a lighter holder (which fits your regular Bic lighter), a stainless-steel tamper, a fold-in stainless steel poker and a curvaceous molded body to wrap and store hemp wick, the Toker Poker has quickly become the go-to tool for all your smoking needs. Here are four reasons why you should slap down some cash and invest in a Toker Poker today:

1. Pack, poke and clean quicker and easier

Toker Poker’s stainless-steel tamper and poker are flawlessly designed to ensure your smoking ritual is hassle-free, quick and simplified. The tamper is located at the bottom of the lighter holder and has an elongated, narrow shape making it easy to reach inside your cone piece to press down herbs firmly and evenly. The stainless-steel poker hides inconspicuously inside adding to its already minimal and sleek design. The poker slides gently in and out of the device and is perfect for cleaning cone pieces, one-hitters or pipes with ease. Plus, the slightly curved shape of the holder makes it extremely comfortable to hold and makes transferring between each tool a buttery-smooth process.

 Toker Poker 2.0

The Toker Poker 2.0 is a new and improved version available in five bright colours including army, black, blue, magenta and yellow.

Price: $14.95

2. It's better for you and the environment

By investing in a Toker Poker, you’ve taken the first step towards enjoying a smoke that is better for you and the environment. The patented mold is purposefully shaped to hold and store five-metres of hemp wick efficiently and effectively. With hemp wick wrapped around your device, you can simply unravel a small amount, ignite your smoking device using the attached lighter and be on your way to a more flavourful, cleaner and smoother smoking experience. Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than butane which helps preserve the flavour of your favourite terpenes so you can enjoy a tastier and more enjoyable smoke. Not only does hemp wick assist in producing better flavour-profiles but it's a more organic way to enjoy your smoke without worrying about harmful chemicals or ingredients. Plus, by using hemp wick, you’re using a smaller amount of butane and therefore you’re lighter will last longer reducing the amount of plastic lighters reaching landfill.

Toker Poker have also released their first hemp plastic version, the Toker Poker - Hemp Plastic & Bottle Opener, which marries sustainability with functionality superbly. This exciting new model’s hemp material is sourced from Detroit, USA and features an awesome flip-out bottle opener so you can crush a cold one while blazing. Seriously, they've thought of everything, right?

 Toker Poker - Hemp Plastic and Bottle Opener

The Toker Poker - Hemp Plastic & Bottle Opener is made from hemp and features an added bottle opener exclusive to this design.

Price: $16.95

3. Add new patterns, styles and colours to your setup

Bored of the same-old colours from your Bic and Clipper lighters? Well, Toker Poker provides more creative expression by offering wicked styles, palettes and themes to give your smoking setup a more personal touch. The bold classic colours of the original Toker Poker are available including lavender, black, turquoise, lime green and grey. But, if you’re looking to spice it up, explore the unique exclusive ranges including the vibrant and groovy 1980s Flashback Collection, the hauntingly beautiful and artistic Alice & Wonderland Collection, the shiny and reflective Metallic Collection, the 420-themed and humourous Soul Speakers Collection and the jaw-dropping tattoo-inspired detail of the Arlo Dicristina Collection.

Or, if you’re looking to simplify but expand your colour palette you’re in luck with a host of new colours available within the Toker Poker 2.0, Toker Poker – Hemp Plastic & Bottle Opener and Toker Poker – Clipper Edition collections including army, charcoal, mustard, sage, oatmeal, magenta and plum. Or, if you like to light it up in the dark, the Glow In The Dark version is the one for you! Plus, with a vibrant and unique colour or pattern covering your boring-old lighter, the chances of losing or it being borrowed from a buddy will decline.

 Toker Poker - Alice & Wonderland Collection

The Toker Poker - Alice & Wonderland Collection is one of many unique Toker Poker Collections featuring awesome new designs, patterns and colours.

Price: $16.95

4. It's affordable and long-lasting

Above all else, our favourite feature of the Toker Poker is its price point. Starting from $12.95, the Toker Poker is an extremely affordable all-inclusive smoker’s tool guaranteed to make your smoking lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. That’s something you can’t put a price tag on. With a minimum of four tools in each device (five if you include the bottle opener in the Toker Poker – Hemp Plastic & Bottle Opener version), you can eliminate the need for purchasing and replacing other tools and invest your time and money into one reliable, easy-to-use and extremely handy device that will last you a long-time. Go on, take the leap and turn your crummy old lighter into something you can be proud of by exploring our Toker Poker range today!