Rizla has been around for hundreds of years and remain one of the most popular brands of rolling papers in the world. At Glass Bongs Australia, we’re thrilled to offer you a massive range of Rizla rice papers including a wide variety of sizes, widths and thicknesses to please all levels of roll-your-own smoking enthusiasts.

Rizla are responsible for many firsts in the smoking industry and continue to revolutionise and push the limits of what is possible. Their rice papers are not only famous for their quality, consistency and clean flavours, but are designed to be thin, lightweight, burn extremely slow and produce very little ash so you get the most out of your herbs. Plus, the tastelessness of their rice paper ensures you enjoy the flavours of your herbs rather than a paper taste! 

Although rice papers can be more difficult to roll compared to hemp, especially for beginners, Rizla’s papers can be the perfect stepping-stone for those looking to expand their skills and become a bona fide roller. Their Cut Corners products are especially great for novices as they are made from medium thin rice paper with cut corners on both sides, making them very easy to roll.

For the more experienced roller, we offer a great collection of Rizla papers in a bunch of sizes including King, King Slim and Single Wide. We recommend checking out the ultra-thin range as well which feature a paper so thin you can almost see through it and allows you to use less paper for a better tasting cigarette.

All Rizla papers are FSC Certified to help protect and sustain the forests their papers are sourced from. In addition, their papers are made with Arabic gum to ensure every time you lick the paper it sticks. Find out why Rizla is one of the world’s leaders in the smoking industry and give them a try today!

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