For the seasoned stoner, having a dependable grinder is almost as essential as the herb itself. In 2022, we featured some of the dopest grinders available in Australia, so we thought we'd countdown eight of the most popular grinders from the year. All these grinders are made from top-notch materials and feature a smooth grinding motion, robust teeth and are the right size for maximum efficiency. So, let's take a look at the most beloved grinders of last year, what made them so great and give you the 411 on why you should think about getting one in 2023 (if you haven't already).

1. Golden 3 Part Grinder

The Golden 3 Part Grinder is a total stunner and is bound to give your everyday routine a little something extra. This killer zinc alloy grinder will have you shining with its beautiful golden hue and it'll make all your smoking supplies look super fly. The sharp teeth make sure your herbs are finely chopped evenly and the mesh screen and chamber let you save up all the precious pollen. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your pocket when you're on the move. Swinging a cheap price tag of $29.95, there's no wonder the Golden 3 Part Grinder was one of the hottest selling accessories in 2022.

2. Aluminium 4 Part Grinder 52mm

Step up your smoking game and add a little luxury to your day-to-day with the fanciful Aluminium 4 Part Grinder 52mm. This zinc alloy four-piece grinder adds a touch of swank to your stoner supplies with its glistening polished finish available in black, silver and green. Its razor-sharp teeth make for a smooth, even cut of your herbs and the mesh screen and chamber are there to save that precious pollen. Plus, its size makes it perfect for bringing along on your adventures on the road, with buddies or at home alone.

3. Spaced Out 4 Part Grinder 50mm

All you stoners blasted off with the Spaced Out 4 Part Grinder 50mm in 2022! Made of zinc alloy and decorated with spacey graphics, this four-piece grinder is perfect for grinding up herbs, aliens, and astronauts alike. Plus, it has a pollen screen and chamber to help you store your stash and a scraping tool to scoop everything up. Get ready to explore galaxies far and wide while you chill with friends and look up at the stars. Let's get lit! 

4. Pastel 4 Part Grinder 50mm

You got the zen vibes going in 2022 by grinding up your herbs with the sweet Pastel 4 Part Grinder 50mm. This zinc alloy 4-piece grinder will make sure your green gold is cut to perfection with its sharp teeth and long-lasting, easy-grind body. It also comes with a pollen screen and chamber to hold your pollen, plus a small scooping tool to grab every last bit. Keep it chill and choose from the following smooth colours including white, blue, mint, yellow, or pink.

5. Side Dispenser 4 Part Grinder 40mm

You made your sesh even easier in 2022 with the Side Dispenser 4 Part Grinder 40mm. This top-notch zinc alloy grinder has a side dispenser that lets you pour your goodies directly from the storage compartment so you can get to your herbs faster. The size of the grinder also makes it perfect for when you gotta bounce. It’s got sharp teeth for an even grind and a pollen screen and chamber to keep your valuable dust contained. Plus, it's available in wicked colours such as red, green or blue.

6. Chongz Airtainer Storage and Grinder

The Chongz Airtainer Storage and Grinder is awesome for hoarding all your magical herbs and maintaining their freshness after a session of grinding them up! It's got a depth of roughly 90mm and a 38mm diameter and seals up tight when closed. With a secret grinder section at the bottom - you can always get ready for your next smoke sesh! 

7. Avanti Herb Stainless Steel Chopping Scissors

For the old school choppers, the Avanti Herb Stainless Steel Chopping Scissors were the go-to in 2022. Although not exactly a grinder, these scissors will unleash the natural oils, tastes, and aromas of your fav herbs with ease. Not only are the hand grips comfy and non-slip, but the 'Stay Sharp' case ensures they stay sharp for years! 

8. SLX V2.5 Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder 50mm

The SLX v2.5 Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder 50mm is coated with SLX's non-stick ceramic coating, so you didn't have to worry about cleaning and slowing down your grind in 2022. It's designed with four pieces and has a removable screen that drops into the lower section, so you can collect pollen and store your ground materials. This mighty grinder is awesome for everyday use because it's built to last and always provides consistent results. It's also super compact, so it's perfect to take with you on the road. This grinder has it all - one set of threads with 57 trapezoid-shaped teeth, four cutting edges and a grip designed for comfort. Its Rare Earth magnet enclosure makes sure it stays shut while not in use and opens up easily when it's time to get busy. No more struggling and mess with gummy, mangled threads - it's a smooth experience every time with SLX.

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